Freeing the Genie

Free the Genie are on a mission to bridge the gap between band and DJ, man and machine. With their robo-drummer in tow and mid way through an Australian tour, they’re about to lay down the psychedelic grooves for a hometown crew with a bangin’ lineup in support.

With elements of disco and acid funk, psych rock and indie, r’n’b and spontaneity, the Gold Coast band will bring their indescribable sound to elsewhere on 4 May and The Scottish Prince on 6 May, which is perfect for those of us too lazy to cross a goddamn creek for live music. But I digress.

The thing about both these gigs is that they take place over a long weekend. YES! Monday 7 May is a public holiday and given that Free The Genie’s live performances tend to have a twinge of party vibe about them, this is good news.

The other good news (apart from the fact that The Scottish Prince is a whisky bar) is that Lazy Ghost – all the way from Canada – will help get crowds moving with their own psych grooves. With layered guitars and vocal harmonies as well as tripped out rhythms, these guys have people talking for good reason. Gold Coast electronic duo Høt Coffee are also supporting for The Scottish Prince gig.

Free The Genie + Lazy Ghost + Dagwood Dogs are at elsewhere on 4 May and Free The Genie + Lazy Ghost + Høt Cøffee are at The Scottish Prince on 6 May. Listen to Free The Genie’s tunes at

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