Free yoga for educators and healthcare workers

In response to the Covid 19 Crisis, a live online Yin Yoga class is being run exclusively for Healthcare workers and teachers.

Run weekly, these free sessions are designed to help ease the stress and pressure these frontline professionals are experiencing.  Classes are held each Saturday morning for 1 hour via Zoom.

“Healthcare workers are the front line in the war on Coronavirus and are experiencing huge amounts of stress and anxiety,” says Anna Rimmer, Founder of Yoga Farm 3217. “Our teachers are also struggling under challenging conditions and both should be offered tools to relieve their physical, mental and emotional pressure.”

“Yin Yoga calms the body and mind,” she continues. “It releases tension trapped in the body, slows down thoughts, increases circulation and enables better body movement. I have been running free courses for healthcare and education workers for some time and feedback has been remarkable. There’s never been a more important time to help our frontline heroes and this is the perfect way to allow them to reset every weekend.”

Running each Saturday morning at 9am AEST, healthcare workers and teachers simply register online and the class is held virtually via Zoom for one hour. The classes will run for as long as there is enough interest and are totally free and without condition.

“I teared up in your class Anna.  I am a teacher and have swayed between burnout and adrenalin fueled “keep going” emotions all year.  I completely loved the class and feel so relaxed and energised.  Thank you so much” says Liz, a teacher and Yin Yoga attendee.

For bookings, simply email Anna on

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