Frenzal Rhomb | High-Vis High Tea: Album Review

When the first single from an album is C**t Act you can be pretty sure it’s the work of Australian punk legends Frenzal Rhomb. The long awaited new album, High-Vis High Tea, is classic ‘Frenzal genre’, offensive, self-depreciating and unapologetic. What can you expect from the band who have, much to mainstream disbelief, lasted for 25 years? Swearing, songs about ‘dumb shit’ and a solid dose of humour all played fast and loud. Yep, High-Vis High Tea brings it all and then some.

Jay’s talent for finding humour in, or taking the piss out of, everything serious is on full display. Pigworm is a one minute long furious song about the Pigworm that was lodged in his brain. C**t Act brushes through a wide variety of situations and behaviours that are exactly that. Ray Ahn Is My Spirit Animal is a uniquely Frenzal take on hero worship and School Reunion is my personal favourite as ‘I don’t live that way’ either. What does that mean? Listen to the album and find out.

If you ever loved Frenzal Rhomb, High-Vis High Tea is exactly what you’ve been waiting for, still-wailing guitars, drums on point, and vulgar, entertaining vocals. If you never loved them, hopefully you’ve changed because they haven’t.


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