From Crisis to Collapse aim for a Superheist

Byron Bay’s From Crisis To Collapse have had a stellar year thus far, releasing their debut album ‘The Seventh Tree’ and traversing the country in support of Superheist and 36 Crazyfists on the Heistfest Tour. It has been a testing yet rewarding period for the extreme metal boys, but one which guitarist Chad Ellis stresses is far from over yet.

“We’re holding up well,” he nodded. “We’ve had a bit of time off between gigs and from recording to just catch our breath and do family stuff after an intensive start to the year. The whole band is super-energised at the moment and everyone is producing some articulate and impressive music so there’s a bit left in the tank to finish off the year.”

Released back in February, ‘The Seventh Tree’ has provided a solid base from which to launch the band’s assault, with music lovers far and wide gravitating towards the album.

“It’s been great,” Chad enthused of the response. “We have got a lot of feedback and comments from people across the globe which is unreal, but also locally as well.  We still listen to that music personally and are very proud of that record. It’s a great way to kick off our recording career.”

The single ‘Slow Burn’ from the album is not only a brutally heavy slab of music but also features a revolutionary film clip in terms of technology and visual effects that are rarely seen from a band without a massive budget behind them. While From Crisis To Collapse certainly don’t have the budget, they are fortunate enough to have friends in important places that are prepared to lend their talents.

“We’ve just been told that Ali Vann, our local buddy who directed and produced that video for us, entered it into the Byron Bay International Film Festival and it has been shortlisted and made the final stages of judging which is incredible. So we may have some red carpet duties coming up very soon (laughs)! As a band were stoked to see Ali’s hard work and contribution to his artform be recognised like that on that level.”

Through associating with Superheist on Heistfest, From Crisis To Collapse have latched on to the opportunity to further support their love for Australian music by joining forces with DW Norton in establishing Black Mountain Music, a record label and studio that has as its primary focus the promotion and nurturing of local performers.

“Before Heistfest I was talking to DW about the current state of the music industry in Australia,” Chad explains, “and we had all these ideas on how to solve problems within the industry. He was talking about wanting to establish a new record label in Australia to release his projects but also to help develop other Australian heavy talent and we spoke about how we could be involved in it and it grew from there. We now have Black Mountain Music which is based on the Sunshine Coast.  DW has been around for a long time and seen and done a lot of stuff so he brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. There are some exciting times ahead.”

Despite already achieving more this year than in any of their previous years since forming in 2015, From Crisis To Collapse aren’t prepared to rest on their laurels just yet.

“We’re going to be supporting Soilwork at the Triffid on October 31,” Chad said proudly. “They are a very influential band for us with that whole Swedish death metal type of vibe so we’re super excited about that. We’re also going to be doing a short run of shows with Superheist in November. We’re going to stop in Byron and Brisbane and the third date is to be confirmed. Then in December, we’re hosting an invite-only party at a friend’s property that’s going to be a whole experience. We’re gonna invite a couple of friends bands to play so it’s about celebrating the year and ending on our terms with a heap of mates and having a good time.”

‘The Seventh Tree’ is out now via the usual channels. Visit the band’s socials for updates on where you can catch them live.

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