From Glastonbury to Gold Coast: Juno Reactor

After announcing a huge first round line-up earlier this year, earthcore is bringing a special series of events to launch the November festival.

One Night in will hit the Gold Coast this Friday featuring Goa scene veterans and film soundtrack (Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions) composers Juno Reactor who make a long-awaited return to Australia.

Considered by industry pundits as one of the all-time greats of electronic music, Juno Reactor have performed live shows at events like Glastonbury Festival, Fuji Rock and even Burning Man.

We caught up with one half of Juno Reactor – Ben Watkins – ahead of their set at Elsewhere.

_ _ _

Tell us about Burning Man? How does it compare to the other festivals you have played at?

Nothing Is like Burning Man, the people are the festival – an amazing avalanche of ideas, creative visions decadence and enlightened debauchery – the best one by a long chalk

How do you prepare yourself playing an event like that to playing clubs in Goa or the Gold Coast?

In clubs I drink. Goa I get high. And for the Gold Coast maybe both?


If someone had told you you’d one day be touring the world making music for people, what would you have thought?

I think I would have sat back, smoked until I dropped and never done anything.


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen happen on the dance floor?

I was playing in Naples, I was also singing, I stood back from the microphone, the lighting rig crashed and smashed the mic stand, a bottle of brandy was by the stand, the stage caught fire, a fight broke out and someone was stabbed, we carried on playing, def one of the craziest nights out 🙂


What can Gold Coast audiences expect when you visit this week? 

Fire and brimstone – love and passion – best music this side of eternity.

_ _ _

Juno Reactor + Grouch
Friday 3 April | Elsewhere
Details here. Doors 11.45pm

earthcore 2015 takes place 26 – 30 November
Pyalong, Victoria. Details here.

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