They’re returning to rock the east coast of Australia, then all the way to China. Elliot  The Bull are back with a bang with their new EP Dazed. With a smattering of big names behind the album, from video production to producer, Elliot the Bull are solidifying their spot in the Australian music industry. The band talked to Kyle Butcher about the many origins of their name and playing to massive crowds in China with all the trouble that came with it.


So where did you guys get your name from?

Well, Elliot the Bull was made up about two and a half years ago. Our drummer is Serbian, hence the name Milan (laughs). He has an uncle that lives in Serbia who owns a bull farm. The prize bull on his uncle’s farm is called Elliot, so that’s how we got the name. I know, it sounds believable, but…it isn’t.

I just saw your Colourblind music video. It’s really cool. How was that made? Was it all computer generated or was it stop go animation?

Yeah it’s all stop go animation. It’s like those old cartoons like Wallace and Grommet, and those kind of claymation things. So it was still shots that got taken. It took six months and was made by a company that we worked with called Oh Yeah Wow, who have done film clips for Gotye and have won some competitions. They worked with us on the clip because they really enjoyed the song, and when they gave us the proposal it was like perfect. We were just so stoked to have our song on such an awesome video clip.

You recorded your new EP Dazed with Lachlan Mitchell who has been nominated for an ARIA before, how was that?

We actually have worked with Lachie for the past two years, and he’s just amazing. He’s the one responsible for The Jezabels’ sound, he’s worked with Boy & Bear before, and he’s worked with heaps of incredible artists. Having him on board was an absolute blessing to us, and we think he’s responsible for half of that sound when you listen to our band, he is such a great producer. He’s really humble and just a mad dude.

Your Australian tour kicks off in April in support of Dazed with a bunch of dates, are you playing around Gold Coast on this tour?

We unfortunately couldn’t get to Gold Coast this time, the dates couldn’t match up, but we are playing at The Tempo Hotel on 26 April in Brissie, and it actually kicks off next weekend in Sydney and continues into May. So if you’re keen to spend some money on fuel or a train ticket, come up to Brisbane!

And with the May leg of the tour, you’re returning to China. What was it like touring China the first time?

The first time we went was in 2012, and it was absolutely mind blowing. When we got the opportunity to go back, we thought they really liked us last time so we’re going with a really awesome touring company called This Town Touring, and it’s just incredible to be able to tour to China.

So what are the crowds like in China? Are they much different to the crowds in Australia?

I love Australian music, the industry and the crowds here, but going over there and playing… I think our first show over there we played to about fifteen to twenty people, but our second show we were playing to about four and a half thousand people, so it was quite different. We walked on stage and we were all just like wondering what was going on. It was a really cool experience and an eye opener. These kids save for months to come to a show to buy a CD and a t-shirt. They don’t drink alcohol or anything like that. It’s very different to the pleasures we have here, like there’s a show on every week, but it’s not like that there, they don’t take it for granted. It helped us be thankful and be really appreciative for what we have in Australia, because it’s so rad.

Did you have any issues when you planned your tour to China?

Well our bass player got in the day before we were leaving, his visa finally got approved, and that was pretty gnarly. But everything kind of got together really well and this time we are a bit more prepared and we’re getting our visas and that sorted early (laughs). We were certain we would have to record a bass track to play through the system because our bass player wasn’t going to make it, but he pulled through!

Elliot The Bull’s sophomore EP Dazed was released Friday 4 April, and they’re playing The Tempo Hotel in Brisbane, Saturday 26 April.

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