Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene headline Melbourne leg of Wallapalooza

You know you’ve got serious street cred when you’re chosen from a long list of likely candidates to be the headliner for an event like Wallapalooza when it hits lil’ old Melbourne Town. And that’s exactly what Melbourne-based Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene, who only formed in 2013(ish) have done.

We got the low-down, in brief with drummer / vocalist Alejandro Adams.

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What’s the best thing about events like Wallapalooza?

It’s a uniquely run festival that gets music fans seeing bands from across the country they might not normally see. Also we get to rock out with some other cool bands from interstate and show them how hard Melbourne rocks!


What do you think about the Gold Coast music scene?

Fuck the Gold Coast music scene.


What’s one Australian band our readers should check out immediately?

The Black Guild. It’s Benny’s band. He’s our slide guitar playing zombie from our White Crystal Lady filmclip.


If the story of your band was a movie, which would it be?

Flight with Denzel Washington. We’re good at getting inverted and managing to pull off the perfect landing.


Do you really hate the Fitzroy doom scene that much?

We didn’t even know Fitzroy had a doom scene?!, ha!  It’s just a drunken response Dave had to a suggestion about a possible band name.

We were at a King Of The North and My Left Boot gig in Fitzroy, throwing around potential names for our newfound project when I suggested the name Black Haggis. Jake quipped, “sounds like a doom band” and then Luke remarked, “from Fitzroy”. And Dave in his most satirical accent shouted “fuck the Fitzroy doom scene.” We laughed. “Now that’s a band name,” I concluded. And it stuck.




Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene will headline the Melbourne leg of Wallapalooza on Friday 12 June, supported by Hailmary | RedHook | These Four Walls | Smoking Martha | Flannelette.


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