Can anyone keep count of the mobile food entrepreneurs on the coast? Demand for their products are on the rise thanks to Miami Marketta and other events, the soon to open Night Quarter at Helensvale and other buzzing food vendor hubs.

Mobile food vendors encourage foot traffic and create a unique experience by day and night. The food truck and food stall movement not only provides a path for small business incubation – it is alternative economic development. In the US alone, the food truck industry is on the road to becoming a $2.7b dollar industry by 2017.

Gold Coast has much to learn from the positive socioeconomic impact of food vendor businesses. The city is yet to take a more relaxed view of food trucks as operating a food truck on public property or near other fixed premises remains a serious challenge. This fact differentiates Gold Coast’s food vendor scene from European and US cities with more progressive vending policies, depriving us a chance to invest in the culture and see it succeed and spread.

Grant programmes and a different look at public space can help food entrepreneurs from around the coast launch their business ideas, grow and create jobs. Here’s to your next mobile taco, langos, curry pocket or dim sim.

Mike J Roach is leading the launch and development of Future Gold Coast. Got an idea for Future Gold Coast? Send it to mr@futuregoldcoast.net and it might appear in the next edition of Blank. More at facebook.com/futurecitiesgoldcoast or twitter.com/futuregldcoast

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