Gabe + Cecilia: Eyelids Bouncing all the way to Mullum

After taking TV show The Voice by storm, the brother and sister duo Gabe and Cecilia, originally from the northern rivers of NSW have released their EP Eyelids Bouncing and have been touring Australia ever since, the pair took time to have a chat to Rabbit Radio’s Sarah McEwan.
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You recently released EP Eyelids Bouncing, what has the response been?

Super positive, it reached number five on the singer/songwriter chart on itunes, and the artwork has gained a lot of attention; one of their friends from Melbourne created that for us.


How has the tour been going along so far?

Really well, we’ve been going up and down the coast a lot and while doing that we are also writing and working on another EP as we speak, so keeping very busy.


In moving around a lot, do you have connections with certain places or crowds?

Melbourne for sure, it’s such an arty city, we really love the style and architecture. It was amazing how we travelled so far around the country and still got such a great response from crowds.


You took people by surprise on The Voice. What was your experience like?

After being voted off the show, our old album rocketed to number 9 on the album charts on itunes, so to see that people were still remembering us after being on the show was super cool. We went into the show with the mindset of staying true to who we are and that really resonated well with the viewers.


And now you’re heading home to play Mullum Music Festival?

We are super excited, we’re playing before Husky and it’s pretty flattering to be able to do that, we’ve played Mullum Music Festival for four years in a row now and we always love coming back.

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Gabe and Cecilia play Mullumbimby Music Festival, 23 November at the Civic Hall, 4.30pm. Tickets and more info at


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