Gaby Moreno jazzes up Dust Temple for new musical series

Gold Coast jazz lovers will undoubtedly be all a-tingle at the news that southern arts and music hub Dust Temple Currumbin is hosting a monthly Jazz Series, featuring some of the country’s (and the world’s) finest contemporary jazz and concert musicians in a string of intimate shows. With a few gigs under their belt already, the buzz is steadily growing as world music fans everywhere gravitate towards these exclusive performances. Excitingly, the March session sees Emmy Nominee and Latin Grammy winner Gaby Moreno make a stop on the GC as part of her upcoming Australian tour, and when we chatted to her from LA, I asked the eclectic Guatemalan singer-songwriter about her thoughts on coming to our city for the first time.

“It’s very exciting to me! The first time I was in Australia a few years ago, I was touring with Hugh Laurie and The Copper Bottom Band and we visited a lot of different cities but not the Gold Coast. I’m always looking forward to seeing new places. Hopefully I will have some time off to hit the beach.”

Our stop is one of many on her Australian tour, with a diverse and quirky range of venues on the menu; a fitting kind of tour for such a versatile performer.

“I’m happy to play in all different kinds of venues,” she says.

“In about a week I’m going to the east coast in the US to play Lincoln Center in NY and Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, but also at a small jazz club in Boston. The size or capacity of the venues don’t matter to me as long as they can create an intimate atmosphere and people feel connected with the music.”

Renowned for her sublime vocals and genre-bending songwriting, Gaby refuses to be pigeonholed, aligning herself with jazz, Spanish folk, soul and more.

“At home, I have a pretty extensive vinyl collection and I love listening to everything from old jazz and soul to Bossa Nova and African music,” she tells us.

“I think have a pretty eclectic taste in music. As much as I love those old records, I also try to keep up with all this great new music that’s coming out. I particularly love Juana Molina, a wonderful and imaginative artist from Argentina. She’s been around for a little while. Some people call her the Latin Bjork. I agree!”

Gaby’s even putting out an orchestral album later in the year, her first release since 2017’s award-winning ‘Ilusión’. But for now, fans can catch her delivering what will undoubtedly be a memorable night of music when she hits Dust Temple for the March Jazz Series.

The series is hosted by promoter Artemus Events, the passion project of local musician Kacey Patrick, who hopes to re-establish the Gold Coast and Dust Temple in particular as a “must-do” stop for touring jazz, art and world music artists. Gaby Moreno performs at Dust Temple on 15 March, and tickets can be sourced at, as well as dates and details for future events.

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