Gang Of Four: Touring Entertainment in March 2019

Rampant consumerism. Opportunistic, morally bankrupt politicians. Unethical capitalism. Alarmingly familiar buzz cries in these crazy times, and causes that British post-punk pioneers Gang Of Four were rallying against some forty years ago in the form of one of the most influential records to come out of the fertile late 70’s British scene, ‘Entertainment’.

Dripping with caustic ire, choppy rhythms and piercing guitar shards, ‘Entertainment’ is a blazing amalgamation of head, heart and feet music, with it’s concurrent underlying melodic smarts ensuring it’s transcendence into global consciousness for discerning audiences. It’s broad ranging influence has been trumpeted over time by artists as diverse as Kurt Cobain, Michael Hutchence, Franz Ferdinand and Fugazi.

The band were also fiercely defiant of outside interference and never afraid to court controversy, with the BBC and Top Of The Pops banning them from performing their song ‘At Home He’s A Tourist’ on account of it’s reference to condoms..My how times have changed.

In celebration of the 40 year anniversary of this masterful record, the band will be finding our shores in March 2019 to deliver the album in it’s entirety, together with a choice selection of numbers from across their back catalogue.

Let Gang Of Four get you like a case of Anthrax on the Brisbane leg of their Australian tourĀ  – 24 March 2019 at The Zoo.

Tickets are on sale from Monday, 26 November..or jump in early for Pre-Sale tickets from this Friday.

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