The chicks have it at this year’s GC Laughs

Comedy lovers all over the Gold Coast are undoubtedly overjoyed that the star-studded GC Laughs Festival is returning to HOTA for another side-splitting week of comedy from 14 to 21 March.

Packing serious comedic weight, the hilarious event delivers the very best in international and national talent, in one gut-busting week of comedy, that also sees female comedians featured in close to 40% of the shows. And why is this a statistic to feel cheerful about, I hear you ask?

Most of us know the stand up comedy circuit began very much as a man’s world, with a few brave women breaking into the ranks in the early days. While the ratios have shifted over the years to become slightly more equitable, it still has a way to go to reach the 50/50 mark. In fact, depending on which study you look at, and which area of comedy (writer’s rooms, comedy clubs, headline acts, festivals, MCs), the disparity differs, but we’re still looking at women making up anything from 10% to 35% of comedians making a living from their craft. So each event that tops those statistics sets the bar for others to meet and beat.

And while there is no shortage of epic male talent on the lineup of this year’s GC Laughs Festival – umm hello Joel Creasey, Aaron Gocs, Sam Simmons, Dusty Rich, Larry Dean and Matt Okine, we can’t wait to see you! – we thought in honour of International Women’s Day we’d feature the awesome chicks we’ll be lining up to check out.

Gen Fricker: Very Important and Extremely Brave

Get up close and personal with the brave, beautiful, relatable, mysterious, vulnerable, strong, whimsical, practical, vertical, trending, humble and omnipotent Gen Fricker. As seen on ‘Have You Been Paying Attention’ and heard on triple J.

Women Like Us

Women Like Us is a relentless, rapid-fire stand up by middle aged mouthy mamas of mirth, Mandy Nolan and Ellen Briggs. The hilarious duo talk housework, chickens, love, big undies, disappointment, resentment, sex when you’re drunk, fit bits, yoga farts and being a menopausal woman dealing with teenage angst. They’re overworked, overweight and over it.

Honor Wolff in The Hot Department: Open For Business

The Very Good Looking Initiative has officially opened its Hot Department, a sexually dysfunctional comedy duo with deep trauma and a validation addiction. Honor Wolff delivers an exclusive brand of surreal and twisted humour alongside partner in comedy Patrick Durnan Silva.

Em Rusciano: Unplugged and Unhinged

One of Australia’s most well-rounded performers, Em Rusciano, has in the past year, turned 40, given birth and toured around the country; all on a combined 45 minutes sleep! In this intimate and close up experience, Em gives a rare glimpse into the stories behind the stories and performs some of her songs as you’ve never heard them before.

Double Denim

Michelle Brasier (Mad As Hell) and Laura Frew (Fringe Wives Club) are bringing an hour long kid’s party for grown-ups full of high energy silliness, 90s nostalgia and a lot of denim.

Becky Lucas: My Neck, My Back

Says Becky: “I wrote most of these jokes in my head whilst sitting at the pub being lectured to about data mining by a guy with stick ‘n’ poke tattoo and bad breath. I think it’s a good show, please don’t come if your favourite comedian is Stephen Fry or if you quote-tweet things with ‘let this sink in’. I’m a stupid bitch and I’ve never pretended to be otherwise.”

Danielle Walker: Myths & Legends

Winner of ‘Best Newcomer’ at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2018, Danielle Walker welcomes you to her new show Myths & Legends.  It’s called Myths & Legends because two of her comedy bits are about mythological creatures. For example: Tom Jones = legend, cool dads = myth.

Lauren Bonner: Heartbreaker

Lauren Bonner has never been dumped, and honestly? It’s made her a monster. This show is about that.

Melanie Bracewell: The Rumours Are True

What rumours? Are there any rumours? All we know is that some people have been saying Melanie Bracewell is one of the fastest rising stars in New Zealand comedy. Winner of the prestigious Billy T Award, Melanie is guaranteed to leave you in stitches with her endearing storytelling.

GC Laughs runs at HOTA from 14 to 21 March, and with last year’s event attracting over 7,000 visitors, you’re going to want to grab your tickets quickly so as not to miss out. Full lineup deets and tix can be purchased via or the HOTA box office 07 5588 4000.

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