GC Music Awards get a true roasting

When we held our information session for the Gold Coast Music Awards today in the heart of Surfers Paradise, the last thing we expected was a special blend of coffee in our honour. But that’s exactly what we got.

Paradox Coffee roasters is one of many local businesses who have thrown their support behind the Gold Coast Music Awards by coming on board as a creative partner.

And today they did that by hosting our information session, complete with sweets and coffees and roasting a special blend of coffee just for us.


OMG, yum.

OMG, yum.

They join many other local enterprises and special events doing the same.

Festivals, recording studios, music career mentors, publicists, press (that’d be us), hotels and service providers are all coming together to make the awards possible. We’ll be announcing all of our generous partners soon.

If you want to try a special Blank GC blend from Paradox Coffee Roasters, you can do so by dropping in this week. They’re located in the old Transit Centre building in Surfers Paradise. If you do so you’ll notice the whole space is undergoing a major transformation. We’ll have more on that soon, but for now we just wanted to let you know that Blank GC Custom Blend is a thing.

Thanks, Paradox Coffee Roasters. We are so very grateful for your support.

For more information about the Gold Coast Music Awards, for which nominations close Sunday 31 May, head to gcmusicawards.com.au.

Regotron (Ivori) + Kitty about to have their special Blank blend ground

Regotron (Ivori) + Kitty about to have their special Blank blend ground


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