Games News: Stunning GC2018 medal design revealed

A striking set of gold, silver and bronze medals for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games have been unveiled.

The medals were designed by Queensland-based Indigenous artist Delvene Cockatoo-Collins and have been brought to life by the Royal Australian Mint, the official supporter and producer of the GC2018 medals.

With a diameter of 63mm, each medal will be minted in the Royal Australian Mint’s largest coin press and inspected individually by hand to ensure the finest quality medals are presented to all Commonwealth Games winners and placegetters. Approximately 1,500 medals will be created for the Games.

Ms Cockatoo-Collins shared her inspiration behind the design of both the medals and ribbon.

“My inspiration was drawn from the Gold Coast coastline, which for many generations, has been a place for gathering, meeting and sport.

“The medal design represents soft sand lines which shift with every tide and wave, also symbolic of athletic achievement.

“The continual change of tide represents the evolution in athletes who are making their mark. Records are made and special moments of elation are celebrated. Although the moment in time may be fleeting, it is forever marked within the shells that are brought upon its tidelines.

“The ribbon represents the woven strand of the freshwater reed, yungair, which is three reeds woven to form a pattern resembling many triangles joined together. This is reminiscent of the South East Queensland and Gold Coast areas.”

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