Keep it out of landfill with Gecko’s community recycling program

A community based recycling program for non-traditional items (mobile phones, batteries, printer cartridges, CDs, DVDs) is now available on the Gold Coast. Here’s the rundown so you can get recycling.


Gecko Recycle supply bright A-frame ‘recycle’ bins to several public locations to collect old batteries, mobile phones, printer cartridges, CDs and DVDs. Deposit your unwanted items in the knowledge that they will be diverted from landfill and repurposed by others. E-waste is also being collected at Gecko House, listed below.

Volunteers sort, count and transport the waste to local businesses who can recover their valuable internal materials.

In six months over 100 kilograms of waste, including 74 mobile phones, has been collected.



Find bins at Runaway Bay Centre on the northern end of the coast, The Strand at Coolangatta, Currumbin RSL and Gecko House in the south. More sites are due to come onboard as the project’s momentum builds throughout the city.

Take your e-waste (smaller items of electronic waste) to Gecko House in Currumbin. Students at Currumbin Special School disassemble the items, which then go to SubStation 33 in Brisbane, an electronic waste recycling centre that provides training and employment opportunities.



The project was initiated by local environmentalist and specialist in sustainability science, Cate Ware. “We need to keep these items out of landfill” she says, “and bring cognisance to their recoverable worth. If left to break down over time, these items can release toxic elements into the environment and potentially the water table.”

More broadly, the conversation about recycling is more public than ever. Our government is slowly but seriously negotiating the complexities and viability of investing into a robust onshore recycling industry (it’s been over a year since China banned the import of most of Australia’s recyclable waste).

While we wait for outcomes, we must continue to work with business and industry towards better waste management practices. Gecko Recycle aims to show that we can create localised systems and models that can be replicated across communities. By keeping stuff out of landfill we promote social and environmental responsibility and show that we take waste seriously too.


Want to know more?

Visit Gecko’s website to find out about community based recycling programs on the Gold Coast.

Visit the City of Gold Coast’s website to find out where your nearest Waste and Recycling Centre is.

Visit Planet Ark’s Recycling Near You to find a long list of retailer recycling locations for over 40 different materials.

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