GENIIE BOY make bruises fun

Lively Gold Coast two-piece outfit GENIIE BOY recently dropped their exceedingly fun second single ‘Bruises’, a superbly crafted pop ditty about finding your tribe.

GENIIE BOY is a fusion of talent from singer-songwriter Alisha Todd and producer, multi-instrumentalist, Scott French. Much like all GENIIE BOY magic, the track was produced at Lovestreet Studios, which is owned by Scott.

‘Bruises’ is a stellar follow up to February’s debut single ‘Fool’s Play’, which launched the musical project onto the scene with a bang. Alisha reflects on the duo’s short but extremely promising musical journey thus far.

“Three months has gone by so fast! We’re only a small team – we make most of our own visuals, mix our own tracks, book our own shows and are self-managed so we needed a little extra time between releases,” she explains.

“We have an EP that is impatiently waiting to be released this year, and we’ve already started recording songs for whatever comes after the EP. We’re very much going with the flow.”

‘Going with the flow’ could easily be GENIIE BOY’S mantra, with their cruisy, laid-back indie-pop vibes given a signature lift via Alisha’s lilting, layered vocals and Scott’s razor sharp production. For two artists who’ve never spent a lot of time around pop, they’re sure as heck nailing it.

“We feel like the new kid in school with GENIIE BOY, because we are dipping into a genre that neither of us has really been in before,” says Alisha.

“Making pop songs is so much fun! Like everything, our music will always be evolving. The small body of work that is coming later in the year is the representation of GENIIE BOY now, but we’re excited to see where a few years of writing, producing and collaborating will take us and the music.”

Making the video looked pretty fun, too. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the ‘Bruises’ clip:

‘Bruises’ was written in a stream of consciousness after reflecting on the pair’s sentiment toward their platonic and romantic relationships.

“[It’s] a love song for people who have been a little slow in finding the human they could never get sick of, and also a song for people who don’t fit into the ‘norm’ of societal structure,” describes Alisha.

“The whole song is a bit silly really, so my favourite lyric that really sums it all up is ‘All my friends are tied to places, they’ve got love pouring out their faces and I’ve got me… and hopefully you too’. For me those lines represent the resistance to settling in one place as a person that is used to moving every six months, the feeling of going against the grain and also the uncertainty yet solace in new and true friendship.

“It’s silly and emotional at the same time, in true GB style.”

Check out the official video for ‘Bruises’ below:

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