Get ready to dance with Tigertown

2016 for Tigertown has been a whirlwind of touring Europe and playing festivals. With new music in the world, Tigertown are taking their infectious pop on the road for a national  tour this December with support from Gold Coast sensation Amy Shark. Tigertown have just released a new EP and latest single Papernote is on video right now.  Put your dancing shoes on this Saturday because Tigertown are hitting the Woolly Mammoth in Brisbane.

Tigertown recently toured internationally.  What was the best and worst thing you learnt about each other from that experience?

The best thing we learnt about each other on this European tour was that we are all good workers. It was probably the most intense tour we have ever done with the lack of sleep, early mornings, late nights, 80 hours of driving, loading in and out, doing 15 shows in 17 days and all the while still managing to do a little sight seeing in Europe. But we all came home still liking each other so that’s pretty good.

The worst thing we learnt about each other is that we are all suckers for good food. Being in Europe we were very excited about all the amazing food and beer. You might say that this isn’t a negative but we almost all needed to book an extra seat on the plane back because we put on a couple of kilograms. 

How was the response to your music from overseas?  From comments I have read on  Youtube you made quite a few fans. 

 We were overwhelmed with the response in Europe. We played some of the biggest venues we’ve ever played because we were supporting Panic! At The Disco and even though most of the crowds did not know our music, they welcomed us with open arms. It was pretty crazy being on the other side of the world and having such a great response.

 Your latest single Papernote has an incredible backstory.  Can you tell me how it all came about?  You must be pleased with the end product.

Yes, Papernote is pretty special to us. We wrote it about 2 years ago while we were in London, and our drummer at the time just wanted to jump on a train to Paris. We later found out that when his wife was younger she sat in a cafe in Paris and read a break-up email from her boyfriend, so our drummer wanted to go to the same cafe and write her a love letter. It was a moving story and it inspired Papernote. It was pretty cool actually performing that song in Paris last month. 

What can we expect from your live performance at the Woolly Mammoth in Brisbane this Saturday?

We’re going to play some music that you can dance to. We’re really excited to play some new songs and songs from the two EPs we released this year. We’re also working on a little surprise.

Check out Tigertown live this Saturday 10 December at Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane

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