Getting Down To BUSINESS: Gold Coast three-piece premiere debut EP

BUSINESS are a relatively new Gold Coast three piece consisting of Elijah Hughes on vocals/guitar, Regan Hickey on bass/guitar and Callum Watson on drums.

The band have just released their debut EP, ‘Like You’ and across its five memorable numbers the band ‘do the business’ while at the same time not being too businesslike in their approach to both life and music. Largely forsaking typical modern-day studio sheen, the band plug in and play their way through an impressive salvo of lo-fi indie pop nuggets.

On opening number, ‘Nice to Meet You’, (their first single from late 2019) the band introduce themselves via a moody slow burner showcasing Elija Hughes’ earthy, moving vocals. From there the band traverse the gamut of the indie pop spectrum, from the catchy bounce of ‘Natalie’, with Regan Hickeys bass work coming to the fore, through to the 80’s channelling moody pop charms of ‘I Just Can’t Wait (To Waste Time).

‘Just Like Always’ is a psych-pop belter which builds beautifully before flying off into the stratosphere off a giddy, chiming guitar riff and wigged out vocals. Concluding proceedings with the EP’s title track, ‘Like You’, the band finish on an anthemic high, its ramshackle energy leaving the listener in eager anticipation of what they may deliver in the live realm.

While the band play to their simply recorded, plug-in and play charms, BUSINESS also display a dextrous song-writing knack and way with a catchy melody which will stand them in good stead for whichever direction they choose to channel their musical talents in the future.

We recently caught up with the band to delve into their background and discover what’s in store for them for the rest of 2021 ..

What’s your musical background prior to forming BUSINESS?

We all come from pretty different backgrounds. Eli’s background is as a folk singer-songwriter, Regan is a freelance jazz/session guy and Callum is a bit of a do-anything kinda drummer. We all met at school – Callum and Regan have been doing stuff together for years, Eli was the piece of the puzzle that got things going.

Your first single, ‘Nice To Meet You’, came out towards the end of 2019. What has transpired for the band since then in relation to writing and performing?

Since ‘Nice To Meet You’ things have changed heaps in terms of our approach to song writing. We’ve got ourselves a couple of real mics and our sound has just naturally shifted to a more ‘raw’ indie type of thing. We’ve been able to record actual drums and Regan has processed whatever we lay down, still holding onto the lo-fi vibe. We haven’t put too much thought into live shows so far because we’ve been so focussed on the EP but that’s definitely something we want to get into for the rest of the year.

Will you be stepping up and performing any live shows locally to coincide with the EP’s release?

It’s not necessarily an EP launch but we’re playing a set supporting good friend Harry J Hart (with Commonside) at BBQ Bazaar in Burleigh on 16 April. It’s free entry too so come party!

What’s in store for the band for the rest of 2021?

A fair bit. We’ll definitely be lining up more shows, as well as a second EP for later in the year. We’ve barely scratched the surface.

You can wrap your ears around the Debut EP by BUSINESS via their online streaming services here.
You can also connect with the band via their Instagram page.

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