Getting In The Love Zone With Ivey

Vibrant indie-pop collective Ivey have just dropped a shiny new EP, ‘Love + Miscellanea’, which brings together a smattering of their single releases, as well as some remixed tracks and even an acoustic number.

The first taste of it is a new single, ‘I Hate U’, a positively, spritely, electro-pop sugar hit which you are guaranteed not to hate. We recently had a chat with the band to delve into the new EP, as well as discovering what the future holds and how COVID challenged them to become stronger as a band.

Can you put us in the picture on the new EP and how it came together?

This EP is a collection of works. Each song is completely individual but also part of a larger narrative. We realised that when we put each track together, it told a bigger story of the tug and war of love and everything that comes with it. The singles represent our growth over the past few years and at first we weren’t going to put them all together. However as time went on, we realised these songs not only told a connected story about love, but also told the story of our sonic growth.

All of them feature some sort of production done by us. This is an extremely sentimental thing to us – it signifies this time in our career where we went from a simple guitar band to a band that could tackle any genre and become much more expansive.

The remixes and acoustic track you hear on the EP are just to show what we’re capable of sonically. We really want listeners to know that we’re not a one trick pony, and our soundscape as a band will continually change and grow.

Who did you work with in the studio to get the tracks to their finished state, and what was that experience like?

For the most part we worked with each other and with producer Konstantin Kersting. Konstantin is absolutely amazing. He’s behind some of the biggest music coming out of the country right now and all the praise he is receiving is so well deserved.

Working with Kon is working with an old friend. He has worked on our tracks since way back in 2016 and the energy in the studio with him is fantastic. He works hard, has fun and has this weird-as humour that we all love. I think it’s extremely important to have a connection with someone you’re working with. Kon really helped push us into the sonic territory we were always striving for.

Did the EP come together after you realised you had a thematic thread between the individual tracks, or was there always a grand plan to create this song suite then release them together down the track?

It was a bit of both to be honest. As I said there was no immediate action to make this EP what it was. But once the songs were starting to be recorded and we put a couple of singles out we realised there was this underlying lyrical theme that connected each song. The EP’s title ‘Love + Miscellanea’ simply relates to the fact that each song deals with a different state of love within a romantic relationship and the things that encompass that.

It was quite nice seeing this come together over the past six months, an accidental but perhaps inner subconscious effort to create something that connected everything had been working on for the past few years.

How have you coped, as a band, with the current lack of opportunities to play live as a result of COVID? And do you have any live shows (or streaming shows) to plug on the near horizon to support the new release?

It really halted a lot of plans for us this year. We were looking at doing at least two more headline tours across the country, even to regional towns and definitely had EU and USA on the cards. COVID completely separated us as a band too, and if we’re being honest, we kind of lost our way for a bit and the uncertainty on where we were going as a band caused a bitterness between all of us.

But once restrictions were lifted, we had a big chat, where we were all open and honest with each other. After that, it feels like we’re stronger than ever now. We’ve all got this renewed sense of enthusiasm and everyone is working really, really, really hard. It sounds weird but maybe we needed that break, maybe we needed that weird time to sort ourselves out individually to become stronger?

Where would you (ideally) like to take things next year with your music?

Well getting the next body of work out is going to be the main priority, as well as doing as many live shows as possible. I think people may forget that our band is rooted in live performance, that’s where we started and we want people to know that they’re going to get a huge, energetic performance from any IVEY show they attend!

To wrap your ears around Ivey’s new EP, ‘Love + Miscellanea’, head here. The band have also got some live shows on the radar! Having just played the Gold Coast (on 31 October) and Toowoomba (on 6 November) they’ll also be hitting the stage on the following dates:

13 Nov: The Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane

27 November: Solbar, Maroochydore 
IMAGE (C) Zennieshia Butts

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