Gig Review | Boo Seeka, Miami Marketta, 12 June 2016

Literally just flying in from Europe, it was definitely a triumphant return to Australia for Boo Seeka. Their shows on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Miami Marketta on Sunday night all sold out.

Gold Coast local Aquilla Young kicked off the night showcasing her beautiful, recently released EP Distant Echoes, and providing a very warm welcome to the evening. She was followed by Sydney siders, and very newly formed band, Gold Member. These guys picked up the thread and ran with it, with great enthusiasm.

Boo Seeka took to the darkened stage with an almost theatrical intro, drawing the crowd in tight to the stage. It was a seamless opening to what was a fantastic show. The duo showed no signs of their jet lag (Sam said they were sleeping half an hour before the show), they still had everyone moving with so much infectious energy. Only pausing between songs long enough to cheers the crowd and thank everyone for showing up, Boo and Sam smashed this gig. With their level of professionalism and ability to hold their audience it’s hard to believe Boo Seeka have only been together 15 months. It wasn’t just me who was blown away, comments from around me throughout the show, outside of singing along, included ‘they sound better live!’ and ‘that was amazing!’

It was fantastic to see Boo Seeka at the Marketta’s Studio 56, it was an intimate gig with great sound. It will be one of those gigs you brag about when the band are huge and playing massive venues, ‘yeah I saw them at Marketta with only about 450 people’.The guys even hung out at the merch table after the show to chat. Sam says it’s good to meet everyone after, to give and receive. It was clearly a fair exchange, the duo came backstage feeling the same as the punters leaving the venue, extremely happy and grateful for an awesome night.

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