Gig review: Emma Louise + Fractures + Lastlings, Miami Marketta, Thursday 20 October

Emma Louise has made quite the name for herself in the past three years as a musician to watch in the Australian Indie Market. You might recognise her from her hit Jungle or her collaboration with crowd favourites Flight Facilities, or possibly even from Sam Smith’s Australian leg on his world wide stadium tour as a support act. Wherever you know her from, you know her songs ooze raw emotion based from her own experiences of love and heartbreak, with electronic subtleties whispered throughout.

Vs Head Vs Heart was her first full length album released in 2011 which received masses of attention on indie radio station Triple J setting her up for sold out national tours for the next coming year. Supposedly living the dream, Emma Louise returned back to her then home Brisbane and unceremoniously broke up with music much like the contents of the songs she writes so beautifully.

“It was just hurting me, you know? It used to be just me and music, and then I started doing well, and while I’m so grateful for it, it changed my relationship with music which was really painful,” she told Blank GC.

Eventually, she rediscovered her love for music and found ways to overcome the crippling fear of it becoming primarily her work rather than her love. She’s just recently returned with her new album Supercry and is currently half way through a national tour with permanent support Fractures, and a collection of artists supporting her in different cities. Luckily, I was able to go and watch at Miami Marketta with local duo Lastlings up first on the bill. They definitely set the mood for the night by pumping as much emotion as they could into their electronic beats and bitter vocals. Next up was Melbourne stud Fractures and his band who played their mixture of blessed ballads, indie pop rock bangers and intense alternative folk numbers. Perfect and well thought out supports leaving Emma enough room to shine.

At long last, Louise took to the stage, starting the night solo with the last track from her Supercry album, I Thought I Was A Ship with only a pre-constructed beat giving her a base to follow. Emma Louise let’s her feelings flow out through her voice easily, expressing in her lyrics the painful thought of ex-lovers moving on and not knowing how to stop those obsessive thoughts.  Though relatively quiet and reserved in her interview she came alive on stage curling her body in obscure positions conveying her emotions at that moment.

Finally she was joined by her band and went straight into Talk Baby Talk but not before thanking the crowd for listening, which she did after every song. She showcased many of her talents such as playing the keys in a song called Grace which was dedicated to her best friend who happened to be in the crowd that night. She also played acoustic guitar, alone on stage, singing one of her recently released singles West End Kids which was a major highlight for me and got the crowd singing along.

She also told stories in-between songs about her life and sometimes they were about the upcoming song but other times, they were about random experiences she’d had. My personal favourite was how she boldly told the audience that she had tried to live on the Gold Coast but decided it wasn’t for her when she was walking to her uni class and saw a girl going to a similar class wearing just a gold bikini. She has the audience roaring with laughter and had enough self-deprecation and charm to keep them laughing rather than walking out.

She ended off the night with a relatively unknown song but by that point in the night, she had already won over the crowd and had them dancing along to the best of their ability.

There are still tickets available for the rest of her Supercry Tour that you can find at Oztix and other similar websites.

IMAGE (c) Danny Santangelo

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