Gig Review: Funkoars + Birdz + Grey Yard + Omac, Miami Shark Bar, 23 June 2016

B-b-beats. I walk up the stairs and through the throng in time to the sounds emanating from the stage. Young Perth new-comer. Omac, is rap, rap, rapping, f-f-fast. He represents a new-wave of young rappers and hip-hoppers emerging throughout the land. And man, I’m impressed. Like semi-automatic shotgun fire he rat-a-tats out his words and beats at the speed of light.

Breathe, yeah man. My Insomnia, got that. The Cold Me, hell yeah. The clever and explicit Omaculate Conception with something about pussy-power. This young West Australian is affable and talented. Getting Rowdy and Fading bring the rapid-fire battle to a blistering end. Nice work Chris Omac.

I don’t care what anyone says, I like a bit of guitar with my rap and Grey Yard do just that. The Melbourne duo, Patto and Mill, come from different sides of the tracks. Mill on guitar has a rock background and has played alongside Guttermouth, Children Collide and British India. Emcee Patto has worked with Illy, Drapht, Briggs and tonight’s headliners Funkoars, Together they create some fuzz- riffing and head banging beats.

“Emceeing meets guitar, moog, pedals, mashine (sic)”.

They work their way through tracks Silver Surfer, Rainman, Slowquack and have us all joining in with the catchy Kanye Blessed.

“A little bit of whisky, a little bit of cannabis
A little bit of heroin, gonna be like Kanye West”.

The lap-top crashes, literally, to the stage floor. Oops. As Mill tries to re-set it, Patto quips, “Gotta wait till it finishes down-loading the last instalment of Game of Thrones. I hear it’s a banger. (Am I the only person in the universe who is not au-fait with this?).

There is a crop of young indigenous hip-hop artists on the move. Veteran rapper Briggs has formed his Bad Apple label and under it’s wings is next act, Birdz. With MC Marz on decks, he talks and raps his way through Nations and Supa Brutha. Then has us chanting, “I say red, black. You say yella. Red. Black. Yella.”

In We Shall Strive he tells, “In 1981 I was born. In the belly of the beast”.

He grew up Catholic but felt like a black Superman. “Walk with the spirit. Like super-fly”.

Rise and All We Know. All We Want.

“Where do we go? What we living for? To be free. To be free.
We got love. We got pain. Make change. Change. Dance with me”.

So to the funky funsters, Funkoars. They are a happy lot, Trials, Hons and Sesta.  Smiling. Dj TOTAL ECLIPSE from X-Ecutioners, on the decks. “Fresh from New York City. Oh yeah ladies”.

Indigenous award winning MC and producer, Trials, calls out in the glare.

“Can we turn the chicken-cooking lights off. I’m getting a sun-tan up here”.

This is the Funkoars Mad as Hell tour, the title of a single from their fifth studio album, In Case of Emergency.

The song is about “being 33 and turning into a hermit crab. Staying home, watching TV and jacking-off”.

That’s what they said.

“I ain’t going out ‘less I have to. Kinda like living in a vacuum.
I don’t mean like space and stuff. Everybody looking at me saying I suck.
“You Suck”. Nope. I’m living in a paradise. Very nice.
Take a quick look inside my world and see wherever it takes you.
If you still think I’m crazy, I think you’re mad as well.
You wouldn’t understand a thing I’m thinking.
My phone beeping like a beacon. “What ya doing on the week-end?
Playing with my dick. Nobody’s invited. Nobody’s inside for real”.

Fair enough. Well they are dubbed “The Kings of Questionable Content”.

New song Victor Jim, “you feeling it yeah?”. Tracks D-Gen, Be Av and Malfunction.

Trials takes to his laptop like the mad professor, sampling the Hood’s Crosby Sweater and Cream’s Sunshine of Your Mind which gets the whole mob grooving. of course it’s not a hip-hop show if the whole crew didn’t get on stage and belt out some free-stying moves and grooves.

And it just happens to be big boy Dj Total Eclipse’s birthday so we all join in singing ‘Happy Birthday to Keith” as  he spins his tunes and spins himself in circles. Good times.

I bid farewell to the guys in the band-room as Hons is recalling how some chick from the audience just reached up and… um.. grabbed his crown and jewels.

“She grabbed the whole lot. I couldn’t concentrate on anything after that”.

I tell him, “I think I’ve got footage of that. I’ll send it to you”.

As I slip into the night, chuckling and singing.

“It’s getting near dawn.
When lights close their tired eyes
I’ll soon be with you my love
To give you my dawn surprise”.

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