GIG REVIEW: IVEY + PEACH FUR + LOTUS SHIP, elsewhere, 8 July 2016


Those bloody “Lock Out” laws have kicked in and I’d forgotten all about the damn thing/things.

Wandering up Cavill Avenue just before 9.30, thought I’d be in time to catch Lotus Ship do their thing. Alas, they had started half an hour earlier. So I get to hear their last two songs, Infamous, and the beautiful Flowers in the Waterfall. Mitchell and his crew rock the shit out of the good-ship Elsewhere. (Get it? Lots-of-Shit)

Talented and a tad cocky. What the hell. This is Rock and Roll and Mitty is an enigmatic performer and clever lyricist. Plays some mean guitar and mouth organ too. But good to see Ondre on lead guitar duties tonight. He was not allowed to do a gig at The Northern in Byron a while back as he was only 17 at the time.

Those rules don’t seem to apply this side of the border as there are a lot of pretty young things here this eve. And not so young but still very cool. Many parents and family about to cheer on their offspring. And all are welcome on board HMAS Elsewhere.

Leisure Guide spins his funky tunes from the disc-jockey desk in between bands. Get up on to that dance-floor. Get down and boogie. Get up and shake your groove thing, etcetera etcetera.

The boys from Peach Fur hit us with “a wicked mix between reggae and psych rock”. Continuing the watery theme with Spastic Washing Machine. Is it a Whirlpool?  Beatles cover, Back in the USSR has us all joining in, stut stut stuttering, “Georgia on my my my my my my my my mind”.

Liam introduces a song which I thought was called, Magic Beans which made sense as he told us to jump around. Jumping beans? I think it is actually called, Meant To Be. Oh well, we jump around regardless.

Then he asks, “Do you want to hear a new song?”

It’s the first time I’ve seen the band so they are all new to me. They launch into Rough as Guts. Chunky, jangly guitar, thump thumping drums. We rock our guts and bits. It’s a happy mob in the mosh.

This is also the first time I have seen IVEY and it is their first headlining show. I like the touch with the ivy draped around the mic-stands and things. Simple and… nice. These kids are young. Millie is just 15. The boys Dante, Mathew and Lachie are 16, 17 and 18 though I don’t know if that is respectively. Anyway, age is irrelevant. I am testament to that as are the parents and family there to support.

I’m standing, nay dancing, next to Millie’s mother and grand-mother. Proud as punch and grooving and cheering the kids on. The glances and smiles between the generations is heart-melting.

Millie must have scoffed some of those ‘magic beans’ as she bounces endlessly around the stage. Her black shaggy jacket twirling, she is like a swirling dervish. Or a whirling dervish? Oh no, is it a Whirlpool? They invite Liam from Peach Fur on stage for another Beatles tune, Come Together. He is lost in transit but we all chime in.

Back to the waterfalls and whirlpools with song Cascade. Then Anarchy and Heat burning up the dance-floor.

Mitchell joins in for the smashing INXS cover, Devil Inside.

“Every single one of us, the devil inside”.

Three young Gold Coast bands.  A trio of talent. This town ain’t too bad.

“Oh you pretty things. Don’t you know you’re driving your mamma and pappa insane”?

Thank god for that. Or the devil inside.

PHOTO CREDIT: Kyle Butcher

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