Gig Review: Safia, NightQuarter, 7 October 2016

It was a very casual picnic style vibe when I arrived at the Safia show on Friday night at The Nightquarter, Helensvale. Groups of people sitting down, hanging out on the ‘grass’ in front of the stage. This shifted very quickly once Set Mo took to the stage though. It became an instant dance floor with Set Mo spinning many crowd favourites like Flume.

The gathering crowd were well and truly warmed up by the time Safia entered with dramatic lights. The set featured mostly songs from the fantastic debut album Internal. With the album only dropping a month ago the awesome amount of punters singing along was testament to the popularity of the Canberra three-piece. Older singles such as Counting Sheep still earned a place on the set list and were wildly embraced by the crowd. The show was a visual feast as standing behind the band were large screens with unique animations and lighting synced to each song.

It was an interactive experience with Ben often leaving the keyboard and striding the stage encouraging the fans. The performance gave a real glimpse into the not so distant past of Safia as a punk band, Ben was definitely in his element as a rock star type front man. In particular Go To Waste brought the charisma out and Ben was playing to the crowd, engaging, up close and personal.

The music, the lights, the show and in particular the voice made this one hugely entertaining night. Add to this the vast array of tantalising food vans and markets of the Nightquarter and it doesn’t get much better.

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