Gig Review: Tash Sultana, Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay, 22 September 2016

It’s not too often you get to witness a life changing gig, but Tash Sultana on her first world tour was one of those phenomenal memories that will set the bar for future live acts and performances.

The petite but powerful Tash took to the stage and effortlessly and humbly blew the minds of a jam packed sold out Great Northern, Byron Bay crowd. There were so many moments where you were either entranced by her ethereal vocals or mesmerised by her queen like guitar skills. Her musical range and ability is unlike any other solo artist before her. Truly a star on the rise and what an honour to witness her at one of our top local venues in such an intimate setting.

There were tears, sing alongs, encouraging screams, dancing, strangers hugging and sharing moments of bliss. Tash was the thread that connected each and every audience member as she swooned and stirred the crowd with her perfect pitch and warm nature.

If you have heard the name but still don’t know what the buzz is all about, good luck getting a ticket as she has a tendency to sell out long before the doors are close to open.  It’s rare to experience a solo artist as captivating and moving as this incredible young woman, everyone was covered in goosebumps the entire night. Her vocal abilities and magnificent guitar range combined with her stage etiquette and presence alone is something to be personally felt. What a phenomenal night, congrats Tash on selling out the Northern so early in your career and we were so stoked you got all your gear back from your European tour. Its hard to believe she has only put out a solo EP, she is already a master at so many styles.

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