GIMMY FLOWENS: Oogars Singer Releases Debut Solo Single

GIMMY FLOWENS is the solo alter ego of Gemma Owens, who fronts on the rise psychy-surf-garage collective The Oogars. She’s recently brought out an achingly evocative debut solo release, entitled ‘Away For A While’. Meandering her way through a hazy and haunting musical backdrop, she channels her voice as an instrument of quivering wonderment, the track a raw and emotionally charged delight that lilts and unwinds like a fluttering summer breeze at twilight.

Blank GC recently got Goin’ With The Flowen to chat with Miss GIMMY about the track, the origins of her alter ego and where things are heading on the solo and Oogars front.

Congratulations on the release of your debut solo single, ‘Away For A While’. I was struck by its raw authenticity; to these ears eliciting the fragile beauty of 60’s pastoral folk as well as 90’s indie acts like Cat Power. What was the inspiration for the track and how did it come together?

Thank you! Thrilled to share it with all. I created and recorded ‘Away For A While’ in two weeks and it was put together quite fast, so I wasn’t focused too much of any other inspiration other than me expressing the raw emotions I was feeling and channelling it into the entirety of the song. I suppose the music I enjoy listening to regularly must’ve seeped into the creation of the track.

Can you put us in the picture as to your song writing process for your solo stuff in comparison to the music you write for your band, The Oogars – is there a clear delineation between the two projects for you?

Both projects are quite different for me. Song writing is such a personal and essential form of expression and empowerment for me as an individual. Like most musicians who create through sorrow, my most powerful tracks are born from personal transformation or pain of some kind. I love having the freedom to create my own music purely how I want it to be, with the complete sound in my hands.

On an OOGAR note though, I love playing with the girls, they are my sisters. It’s lots of fun creating and performing music with them. With four different styles and musical tastes involved it is a collaborative concoction of beautifulness, which helps keeps me evolving rapidly as a musician.

Are you working on any other solo tracks, and if so, how are they shaping up and when can we expect to hear them?

Yes I have a few in the pipeline, for which I’m excited and ready to record. I’ll be jumping into the studio again to record another single on the Sunshine Coast. So definitely keep a cheeky eye on this space for more juice.

Does the name you have chosen for your solo oeuvre hold any special significance?

Gimmy was birthed from the classic coastal nicknaming that my pals gave me – as well as being known as a quite a flowly human, I just spiced up my last name haha. I was really keen on a separate music name to my birth name, because when I create and perform, a different side of myself arises which is playful, raw, unconditional and expressive. For me, GIMMY FLOWENS fits that perfectly.

Any plans to step out and play some shows over the summer period, either on your own or with The Oogars?

Many shows are coming up! After playing my first GIMMY FLOWENS show in Sydney at the Oxford Arts Factory, I feel excited to bring that juice to the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers region, where my main community resides. I have a few ideas but my first stop is supporting Nice Biscuit in Brisbane this month. And The Oogars are popping – we have some big plans for next year with our EP being dropped.

Be sure to get Goin’ With The Flowen and wrap your ears around GIMMY FLOWENS’s delightful debut single, ‘Away For A While’, which is available now via streaming services. You can catch Gimmy live when she plays with her band The Oogars at Miami Marketta on Saturday 12 December.

Check out the video for ‘Away For A While’ below:

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