Girl and Girl drop new music video for ‘Ocean Song’

Gold Coast four piece alternative-garage-rock band Girl and Girl burst onto the local music scene last year, and have quickly gained notoriety being named “Faves of the Year – 2019” by ABC radio GC Drives, “Best Live Band – 2019” by Ian Browne of Shamrock News and took out first prize in the 2019 Green Room battle of the bands.

Their sound has been described as Bowie crossed with Aussie 70’s rock by others and as “desperate rock” by the band themselves. Their first two singles ‘Zachariah’s third eye’ and ‘I Hate You’ hit the airwaves last year and their third follow up single ‘Ocean Song’ dropped in September.

The accompanying music video to ‘Ocean Song’ has just hit the interwebs today and we recently caught up with lead singer Kai to chat about the vid and the bands soon to be released EP.

Could you tell us a little bit about the band and how you all met?

I met Jayden the lead guitarist in high school and started writing originals like ‘I Hate Uou’ and ‘no more than 10 people in an elevator’ in our garages after school. Aunty Liss (Kai’s Aunty) joined a bit further down the line, and by gosh did she whip us two boys into shape. Coby, Jayden’s little brother, stepped in as our fourth or fifth bass player and fit the position like a glove, and can that boy slap the bass!

You released your latest track ‘Ocean Song’ in September last year, could you tell us a bit about the backstory to the song?

Ocean Song in my mind is a testament to action over thought. I often overthink things way too much, and this song says that a lot of your problems can only be solved once you take a step outside of your own head.

I wrote the little riff early this year and took it to a jam, then Aunty Liss added her jazz, and we had it pretty well-structured after that first jam. The lyrics took a lot longer, there were so many verse versions, but the original concept was the same from the beginning, which was the idea of how actions do a little more than thoughts. I don’t think I finished lyrics until the morning of recording, but we got there in the end. We also recorded with Dylan Smith, who is a wonderfully talented young man, if you’re thinking of recording yourself, check him out.

>>>Watch ‘Ocean Song’ now

You have just dropped the music video to ‘Ocean Song’ today, could you tell us a little bit about the creation of the video and what you think of the finished product?  

I’d had the story board for the clip sorted for a little while, but didn’t really think we were ever going to get round to making the clip. Then one day we got a message from some TAFE students who asked if they could make a film clip for us for free, and I said yes of course. Filming was a lot of fun and a lot of running. I have to admit I was sceptical about how the final product was going to turn out. Not that I didn’t trust the creative efforts of the people behind the project, more so that it was free and felt a little too good to be true. Next thing you know we have this super cool little quirky clip.

Everyone’s super stoked and exited to finally be getting her out into the wild and I am super proud and appreciative of everyone involved. Massive thanks to Willy, Ollie, Avicia and Cameron for making it happen. We hope you like it.

We were wondering if you have any new songs up your sleeve, and if so, when can we expect them in our ears? 

YES! We should have one out in the very near future, and that will be the first of three singles set to be released from our upcoming debut EP.  The EP is titled ‘A Typical Friday Night (shame, sex and misery)’ and the first single is called ‘Shame it’s not now’. If you’re reading this then you are one of the very first people to know that. Very very keen to start getting the tracks off that EP out there and very confident in saying that it is most certainly our best work to date.

What have you you guys got planned for the rest of 2020? 

Giiggggggssss.  As things continue to ease all we want to do is play gigs, we really miss happy sweaty dancing people.  If you have a COVID- friendly function approaching that needs a band then give us a call, because living room gigs are our jam!

The music video for ‘Ocean Song’ premieres here today and you can take a first look at the clip below.  Keep up to date with all of the Girl and Girl happenings over on their socials Facebook fb/girlandgirl and Instagram @girlandgirl_music. IMAGE (C) Jak Nicholls.

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