A blending of worlds through music

Local artist Glenn Barry adds more strings to his bow.

Better known for his artistic pursuits, popular Gold Coast identity Glenn Barry is also an adept musician who is currently expanding his talents by working on a collaboration with Bobby RunningFox.

After a chance encounter playing together at the Music Jam at Oxenford Tavern when Bobby’s didgeridoo player couldn’t make it, the two later reunited to play an impromptu gig at a Gold Coast Aboriginal Artist collective opening at the Lorraine Pilgrim Studio Gallery.

“Bobby and I have known each other for many years outside of music,” Glenn explains. “When I opened the launch of HOTA new Outdoors stage with a didgeridoo solo, it was on stage next to Bobby RunningFox and Eagledancer. My mind and heart started to consider joining our talents then. Bobby teaches Native American Indian flute and we shared the connections there when I started to learn the flute from him.”

After again performing together when Glenn also painted artworks on a teepee and sweat lodge for Bobby’s latest venture, the two started jamming on a regular basis which led to this current musical union.

By combining two traditional instruments together, Glenn and Bobby have harnessed the intensity and mystique of each into a fresh project that promises to capture a musical essence rarely heard before.

“We have been finding links in the flute and didge sounds,” Glenn said. “They both come from the heart and allow expression that is reflecting the moments and environments. When we play, there is a sense of allowing, of not judging the outcome or comparing to other music.”

In the meantime, Glenn has been warming up by playing locally with Aarti Bajaj from the stage play Meera and is in the process of writing a play for Wild Dreamers which he hopes to unveil next year. He has also played the didgeridoo live on stage at HOTA with Sam Foster and Hayden Jones from Shock Therapy and has more recently been working with Barbara Prestia from Aluna Dreaming, collaborating with her by playing the didgeridoo while she sings soprano at Helensvale. The two are about to go public with a new project featuring Helen Selmeczy called ‘3 Breathes’, which promises to be a sonic journey that brings Tibetan bowls, mantras, voice and didgeridoo into one unique package.

You can catch Glenn on 7 September from 10 am at the new Flower Festival at Tedder Avenue Main Beach alongside Bobby RunningFox who will be playing his Native American Indian flute, guitar and singing.

Glenn will also play the didgeridoo alongside Ted Williams at 11 am on the same date at the Southport Broadwater for the Global Village Festival.

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