Gold Coast Councillor extends invitation to Peter Garrett following concert remarks upset

We all know the tired old stereotypes about the Gold Coast; there’s no need to re-hash them here.

As residents, music fans and avid culture vultures, it can get frustrating when you hear that kind of talk. Hey, showcasing the amazing stuff on offer in our beautiful city was the main driving force behind the creation of Blank.

So yes, it was annoying when Midnight Oil frontman Peter Garrett chose to talk smack about the Gold Coast at a recent concert on the Sunshine Coast. But, rather than responding with a kneejerk insult, we thought it was pretty awesome when Division 9 Councillor and passionate arts advocate Glenn Tozer instead decided to write a letter to Peter Garrett, inviting him to sample some of the delights on offer here.

He begins by expressing his appreciation for Midnight Oil’s music and thanking the group for their thought-provoking lyrical content.

“While I don’t share all your political views,” he writes, “the conversations your music starts are important for our nation and for the city I proudly call home.”

He goes on to bring up the comments made by the famous frontman – which questioned why anyone would travel to the Gold Coast – and countered with six excellent reasons to visit. Included on the list were world heritage-listed biodiversity areas Springbrook National Park and Gold Coast hinterland, our unique and exciting Bleach* Festival and our 16 kilometres of stunning World Surfing Reserve.

Cr Tozer continued with an assurance that many proud Gold Coasters are aware that their elected representatives may hold values that do not align with decent chunks of the population, and ensuring that the opposite is the case would be a priority for many of Gold Coast’s citizens moving forward. (We can only hope!)

Finally, Cr Tozer concluded with the following:

In future we’d welcome your advocacy for our beautiful city and hinterland and suggest that it is perhaps time to re-acquaint yourself with the beauty of our area so you can more familiar with the reality of our city’s wonderful quality of life and its passionate citizens.”


Let’s just hope we can look forward to hosting Mr Garrett at his earliest convenience.

Read the full letter below. You can follow Cr Tozer here.



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