Glitter and the slums: the land of Sticky Fingers

Coming off the success of their critically acclaimed sophomore album Land Of Pleasure – Sticky Fingers have had an impressive few cialis 5 mg daily years. The lads, Dylan Frost (vocals/guitar), Paddy Cornwall (bass/vocals), Seamus Coyle (lead guitar), Beaker Best (drums/percussion), Freddy Crabs (keys/synth) spent most of 2015 and early 2016 abroad as well as selling out second and third dates on their national tours time and time again.

They kicked off this year with a four-week working Asian holiday, recording their new album Westway (Glitter & The Slums), which is out 30 September, but when I talk to Seamus (lead guitar) he’s in his home town of Sydney.

_ _ _

“I’m actually sitting at my mum’s house at the moment, cooking some chips. McCain, beer-battered,” he said. “Fuck yeah, I love my mum.”

I asked Seamus about their month in Thailand – what it was like to go away and work in such a cool spot.

“Yeah, what a place to go and do a record, with a bit of a villa vibe going on.”

“We spent a lot of money I’m sure doing it, but it was very nice, we needed it after all that touring. We didn’t want to stop, but needed to have a break,” he said. And in true StiFi style, it wasn’t all work.

“We had two or three days off here or there. It was pretty chilled, big pool, we’d go off on little scooter rides.”

Seamus said the month in Thailand was very different to the month they spent recording their last album in viagra health store Byron. “It was good to get away from the ahh, other lifestyle distractions,” he explained.

“There’s no things like that over there. We’re in a little fishing village. We all bought these full white linen outfits and got a bit culty – like there’s these full white traditional Thai outfits, all linen and we all just bought that, and wore them for a month.”

They’ve had gig festivals, sold-out tours, massive radio pick-up of tracks, ARIA charting songs, it just seems like Sticky Fingers can’t put a foot wrong when it comes to music.  Did Seamus levitra kaufen ever imagine this?

“Yeah, definitely. That’s what I wanted to happen. That’s what we all wanted to happen.”

“There’s nothing else we could do with our lives. It’s nice that it happened. You can’t be certain of anything. But we’ve been doing it for eight years now,” he said before speaking about tour life.

“ Ahhhh, yes. It depends on the band. It depends levitra medication on the people on the bus. But yes, we give it a fair nudge,” he laughed.

“It’s what you make of it,” Seamus said. “Yeah, fuck I love it. I fucking love it. I feel more at home on the road.”

And that’s just as well, because between the album release and their upcoming Australian tour they’re headed to Europe.

“It’s going to be our fourth or fifth time in Europe,” Seamus said. “It’s growing and growing over there. It’s really fun, we love it.”

The new album, levitra online canadian pharmacy he says is a natural progression forward.

“It’s still just us writing about what we know, which is life as we see it, the band has a pretty interesting time last year – broke up at one point, missed a tour, couple of people in and out of rehab, so a couple of songs have a darker side to ‘em.”

“But we’re not all brooding artists, we’re still happy boys, there’s lots of happy good songs in there as well.”

“It’s a bit more raw. The first half of album is us in a room bashing it out – then we do kind of delve into the production side of things because we can’t help ourselves. All up, I’m fucking stoked, can’t wait to get it out there and start playing it all.”

So after such a successful few years are there any goals left to tick off the list for Sticky Fingers?

“Not really. I don’t think you can. If I ever got somethin’ I really wanted to do and then did it, then I’d be done. I’d grow older real fast and die or something.”

“World domination, how about that? It’s a big world.”

_ _ _

Sticky Fingers’ debut at NightQuarter sold out in less than an hour. It’s on Saturday 5 November. And their new album Westway (Glitter & The Slums) is out now.

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