Gold Coast artist Jacob Lee holds key to Spotify success

If you haven’t heard of Gold Coaster Jacob Lee, then we can only assume you don’t listen to music online. The young musician is killing it online, with his singles racking up listens in the millions on Spotify. He took the time to chat to us ahead of his new EP release.

Since we last spoke in 2015, your single Chariot has really gone stratospheric on Spotify! Can you tell us about that?

It’s gone ballistic, it’s quite hard for me to comprehend, to be honest. I spend hours upon hours sending my music to people around the globe and I’m always trying to find avenues other artists neglect. I find that artists tend to be too selective in where they send their music… I just send it to anyone with ears.

It seems like you have something of a winning formula, with your debut EP also racking up the streams. What do you think is the key to catching online listens?

Well written, well-produced music mixed with unwavering tenacity to market, promote and provide value is the blueprint. The music industry is about so much more than music and nowadays artists need to be entrepreneurs. My advice would be to hit up as many independent Spotify playlists in your genre as possible, construct your message in a way that provides the playlist creator value and they may end up featuring your songs. I try and come in from an angle where I am doing the favour, not the other way around.

Tell us a bit about the WPPI conference and what you’ll be doing there!

WPPI stands for Wedding and Portrait Photography Conference, which is a yearly expo held in Vegas. Two months ago I woke up to an email from a Music Licencing Company called, ‘Triple Scoop Music’ asking me to perform my song Chariot at the awards. I thought about it for a grand total of 0.4 seconds and replied with a YES!

I was speechless, it was the most surreal feeling having such recognition for a song I wrote in my garage. The night before, I would have never dreamed to have the opportunity to perform my originals in the States, now I’m answering this interview in a Vegas hotel room.

It’s crazy how life unfolds.

What can people expect from your new EP, Clarity? When is the release date and will you be doing a live GC launch at all?

Clarity is a 4 track EP containing my best stories yet. Every song is completely different from the other, ranging from love to heartbreak, to ambition and purpose, then a harrowing story from the perspective of a young child that has been kidnapped.

I write to make people feel and sometimes the most heart-rending emotions are the ones that inspire, instead of hiding them away, I choose to see them as powerful forms of expression. The EP is my heart on a plate in a way I’ve never exposed it and I really think people are going to enjoy it.

Who or what inspires you?

The thought that one day everything I envision will come to life. I’m inspired by the concept that everything I’m doing now will one day be history and millions of people will look back at my journey and know that I truly fought the odds and won. My music, lyrics and words are created to inspire, teach and encourage others to become the best version of themselves. I’m not inspired by anyone but myself 10 years from now.

When and where will Gold Coast fans be able to catch you live?

I’ll be performing throughout the Gold Coast mid-March through April, you’ll mostly find me at Ravens Chevron, SkyPoint Q1, Waxy’s and Jupiters Casino. I try my best to post gig guides on my Facebook, so that’ll be your best bet at finding me!

To be honest, these months could potentially be the last few I perform in Australia. My vision for 2017 is to take my originals international, and the only way to do that is to travel to the places I want my music heard.

So catch Jacob while you can! Check out his Facebook page for his movements.

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