Gold Coast author and illustrator hosts virtual launch

Gold Coast author and illustrator Tomi Gray – aka War Of The Real – is set to release his debut children’s book this Sunday in a live virtual event.

‘The Less Said On Ducks The Better’ is a tale of the critters who reside behind the locked gates of a Botanical Gardens at night, and was written by War Of The Real during the pregnancy of his good friends, Kimberly Ferguson and Christian Tryhorn of Mo’s Desert Clubhouse fame.

“The story… was just an idea based on a few poems I found funny, in the back of my head that I never really intended to see the light of day,” War Of The Real told Blank GC. “[When my friends] fell pregnant shortly after, I decided to finish it, mostly wanting to have something silly to read to their bub when it came along.”

The book is now dedicated to said bub, Atlas.

Tomi Gray is no stranger to the world of creativity. As a multi-instrumentalist he has written and recorded a shedload (literally – he lives in a shed full of musical equipment) of his own originals, and is also known as Dracula’s fangtastic drummer, Splinter. He adopted War Of The Real as a nom de plume in order to differentiate his writing from his other projects. He explains the genesis of the moniker.

“I’ve possibly spent a more than recomendable amount of time tumbling down YouTube psychology rabbit holes and the main take away I think most people find when they do that is ‘the more you know, the less you know’ – trying to find meaning in ‘reality’ can sometimes feel like your fighting for your life,” he says. “Another reason why ridiculousness, such as this book should be more of a priority. We can all use a break from the seriousness.”

‘The Less Said On Ducks The Better’ is a silly, psychedelic fun time that certainly doesn’t take itself seriously, and is sure to delight kids and parents both. It seems we’re not the only one who think so either, with the story already being picked up by a publisher.

“I think sometimes it’s nice to just have a vacation for your imagination, especially for little people who still think the hedge at the end of their street is the most amazing thing in the world,” explains Tomi.

You can catch the virtual launch of the book on Sunday 26 July at 1pm, right here. It will include some animation and an interview with War Of The Real.

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