GCMA 2020 | Musician of the Year finalist: Felicity Lawless

Visionary, bohemian rocker Felicity Lawless stimulates the senses and elevates the soul with music which is extremely hard to pigeonhole. Something Felicity is no doubt quite proud of. Her sound fuses the gypsy world with a vibrant smorgasbord of flamenco, rock and folk.

Felicity has honed her skills and her sounds from the streets and tapas bars of Spain as well as bustling Japanese live music venues, to huge festival stages across Australia and an eclectic mix of cafes, bars and restaurants across the eastern seaboard.

And Felicity’s audiences are as diverse as her influences.

Her music is characterised by a flashy, Spanish guitar style, soaring vocal melodies and hypnotic rhythms.

Felicity performs with an energy that elevates and inspires while infusing her crowds with enthusiasm and joy.  Having honed her craft busking relentlessly around Australia with nothing more than her guitar to feed her, it is little wonder that she has learned to capture and enchant audiences with virtuosity and sincerity.

Her band is comprised of guitar wizard and Lovestreet Studios mastermind Scott French (Cheap Fakes, Allensworth, A French Butler Called Smith), living legend Geoff Green (George, Women in Docs) and bass maestro Regotron, but she regularly collaborates with others and is known for her community-minded spirit.

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