Gold Coast Music Awards: a game changer

A bunch of mums, passionate about the Gold Coast and its music scene are banding together to launch the Gold Coast Music Awards.

“It’s going to be a game changer,” said Chloe Popa. She’s one of the drivers behind the Awards as well as one of the owners of Blank and the magazine’s graphic designer.

“After 12 months of pulling Blank together, we thought we’d start to run out of content, maybe start interviewing the same artists over again,” she said. “But that is so far from the reality, I can’t even begin to explain.”

The awards will stimulate national interest in the Gold Coast as a live music destination by rewarding and acknowledging the incredible diversity of talent we are cultivating here.

“Saying we have diversity of talent on the Gold Coast is an understatement,” Chloe said. “From pysch rock to metal, folk and roots, hip-hop and electronica, we are breeding an incredible pool of talented artists.”

“We think it’s time to shine a light on their work,” Chloe said.

Nominations for the awards will open on Wednesday 1 April, which is also when categories will be announced. And the awards ceremony is locked in for Wednesday 22 July.

Burleigh Brewing Company is throwing its weight behind the inaugural event as presenting partner and they’re taking their role very seriously, with plans to shut down operations for the awards ceremony.

“We’re planning a classic Gold Coast themed event,” Peta Fielding, co-founder of Burleigh Brewery said. “Beanies, boardies and Burleigh beers at the brewery, hopefully under a clear winter’s sky.”

Peta said that the Brewery has been an avid supporter of all things local. “We’ve loved having the opportunity to provide a stage – made of beer pallets, of course – for Gold Coast musicians to do their thing,” she said.

“The depth and breadth of talent that exists here on the Coast deserves celebrating – the inaugural Gold Coast Music Awards are the perfect opportunity to do so.”

“Burleigh Brewing is thrilled to be able to assist bring the vision for these awards to life – and we encourage other local businesses to get behind them and join us for the ride … and the music!”

An industry advisory panel is being engaged to help inform the categories and selection process and an independent judging panel will also be appointed.

Organisers are asking people to show their support by snapping up a ticket to the award ceremony through a special Pozible campaign.

“We need a bit of cash to get things like staging and printing organised,” said Samantha Morris, one of the team coordinating the awards. “But all we’re asking people to do is to buy a ticket to the awards ceremony upfront.”

“The Brewery only has capacity for a few hundred people, so we are expecting this event to sell out,” she said. “There are only 100 tickets available in the first release and considering they include some food and a beer, they’re really cheap.”

Only 100 tickets to the awards ceremony are available in the first release which is on sale now. A second release will be available with the balance reserved for finalists and their friends and families.

All information about categories, nomination process and criteria as well as the judges will be available come 1 April.

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Nominations open 1 April
Awards ceremony 22 July
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