Gold Coast Supanova 2014

With Surfers Paradise clubs less than four kilometres away, it’s a little odd seeing crowds of people dressed as fictional characters making their way to Broadbeach for Supanova. The nationally touring pop-culture expo kicked off its 2014 tour at the Gold Coast Convention Centre. Affectionately nicknamed Goldnova and attracting over 20,000 visitors, it is Australia’s response to America’s Comic-Con.

The expo gives Australia access to the greatest cult TV, film, anime and video game celebrities, as well as rare merchandise, panels, workshops, premiere screenings and competitions. Whatever your fandom, there’s something for you at the expo.

The main attractions at Goldnova were Lucy Lawless of Xena: Warrior Princess fame, Peter Mayhew who acted as Chewbacca in the original Star Wars trilogy and Verne Troyer, who acted as the popular pint sized villain Mini-Me in Austin Powers. These stars and their counterparts walked through the crowds going to and from their signing and photo sessions as well as their seminars in which fans could ask questions.

The volunteers took their roles very seriously, which showed a high level of professionalism. The only problem I had with the volunteers was when I hit it off with Michael Rooker, from The Walking Dead series in my photo shoot and he wanted to take a second photo even though I only paid for one. I approached the volunteers to collect my photos and they were reluctant to give me the second photo unless I paid for it, but they eventually relented.

The stalls were packed full of every pop culture and gaming enthusiast’s dreams, and the massive League of Legends setup was a sight to behold.

The finals of Australia’s League of Legends championships, or LoL as it is commonly known, were carried out over Goldnova’s two days, and the games were carried out live in front of the audience on big screens that could be seen from almost any spot in the main area.

For a cheap entry into a high quality, ‘Supa-Star’ packed convention such as this, its no wonder Supanova is attracting a growing number of pop culture fans from every walk of life.

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