Gold Coast web series Stage Mums all set for Season Three

Stage Mums is a comedy web series about two mothers who will do anything to make their quadrupley talented daughters famous. It’s Dance Moms, Absolutely Fabulous and Kath & Kim all rolled into one! Stage Mums has grabbed the attention of seasoned professionals in the industry who have jumped on board to create Stage Mums season 3 which wrapped filming on the Gold Coast recently, and we caught up with creator Anna Waters-Massey.

What inspired the story of Stage Mums? Were there any real life influences?

I grew up in a family of performers and my children both acted in TV and film from a young age. I also teach children acting and Performing Arts. My daughter danced for many years so eisteddfods, auditions and dealing with the industry and all it entails are something I am very familiar with. Throw into the mix the phenomenon of social media and the parents, who for various reasons want their children to succeed at all costs and Stage Mums came to life! Strangely, everyone wants to be famous these days, as if that is a sign of success. I decided to explore those ideas in a comedic way and drew on various experiences of my own and ones other parents and industry professionals shared with me. There is not a lot that is made up in the Stage Mums storylines.

I’ve always been a fan of amusing characters and quirky comedies such as Parks and Recreation, Summer Heights High, Modern Family, Kath and Kim and Ricki Gervais.  I love the friendship between Patsy and Eddie in Absolutely Fabulous, and wanted to explore a relationship between two Mums with the same goals of making their children famous.

What makes the Gold Coast an ideal spot to shoot the series?

What’s not great about the Gold Coast? I think Aussies are good at laughing at themselves and besides the fact that I live here, it was a no brainer to set the series in the movie making glitter strip of the Gold Coast. It’s like poking fun at your own family, you can do it, but no one out of the family is allowed to. Similarly, I make fun of the dodgy characters in the industry and the terrible fashion choices, the lead characters Shaz and Trace make. It’s like holding a mirror up to the amusing characters that make up Australia, but in a loving way. Everyone can laugh at Shaz and trace but like them at the same time.

Will there be a Season 4? What’s next for the team?

We are currently editing season three and our producer Kris Maric is following up interest from various networks. The ultimate goal is to attract serious funding to make half hour episodes and air it on a network or streaming service.

The characters of Shaz and Trace have also taken on a life of their own and we have done various interviews and appearances in character as well as a live show in June this year. That is another aspect of Stage Mums which we will develop. Numerous cast members are also musicians and a two minute version of the theme song has been recorded. The possibilities just keep on coming…

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