Gold Coasters come face-to-face with dinosaurs in Australian first virtual reality experience

The immersive world of virtual reality (VR) is sweeping the globe and shoppers at Robina Town Centre will be among the first to experience it in real time when the dinosaurs roar into town for the September school holidays, with the arrival of Real-A-Saurus.

In an Australian first, Robina Town Centre will turn the clock back by millions of years as it transforms into a scene from the Jurassic period to bring the ancient world of dinosaurs back to life in an exhilarating first-to-market experience that will have to be seen to be believed, using cutting-edge technology, archaeology and animatronics.

From Saturday 17 September until Sunday 2 October 2016, Robina Town Centre will hatch its biggest school holiday program yet, with a dino-mite line up of school holiday entertainment featuring some of the biggest (virtual) reality stars to visit the Gold Coast.

Featuring the innovative and award-winning HTC Vive virtual reality headsets, shoppers will be taken on a completely immersive and heart-pounding, 60-second journey as they come face-to-face with some of the most menacing and magnificent prehistoric creatures to have ever walked the earth.

Stepping into a 4 x 4m 3D zone, which uses unique ‘room scale’ technology and tracking sensors, dino-enthusiasts will freely move within the space to interact with the dinosaurs in real-time, from feeding a Brontosaurus to facing off with a terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex.

A world first immersive floor will add a surprising dimension of reality, with ground shaking movements and rumbling effects in sync with the dinosaurs as they roam the virtual reality forest floor, while surround sound technology will complete the multi-sensory experience.

The ‘Dino-Zone’ will also feature abundant palms, ferns and rocky terrain to replicate the Jurassic period, as well as exact footprint models found by archaeologists at Lake Quarry in Queensland – the world’s only known dinosaur stampede site.

And while users are in for a frightfully unforgettable experience, children shouldn’t fear – it’s been designed with all ages in mind, including those as young as three years old. Two expansive screens will also display the VR footage for all to see.

It might also come as a shock for shoppers when they come face-to-face with a six-metre tall Tyrannosaurus Rex roaming the malls, but that’s also what’s in store at Robina Town Centre during the September campaign, with an animatronic T-Rex making its Australian debut after being developed for Universal Studios in the US.

The little ones will also love the ‘Palaeontologist Dig’ activity station where they can chip and dig in their own wooden box of dirt to reveal a dinosaur fossil, as parents sit amongst the lush forest surrounds and enjoy a morning or afternoon caffeine fix from the convenient coffee service.


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