Goons of Doom + Mylee and the Milkshakes I Live Review I Miami Shark Bar I 25 March 2017

Well it was a little busy at the Shark Bar on Saturday night, with a crowd of 400-450, mostly 18 – 20 year old, young and beautiful refugees from the Quiksilver Pro set. The Goons of Doom were on, and that was what they were here for, surf punk goth nutbags they are…

The Straays
Waiting for a friend sucks, especially when you are out the front listening to the droning pump drive that I found out was the Straays. All the crowd heading out when they finished were impressed, and although on first, they really impressed on the young punters.
Cinema Wristies

Cruise bopping moving rolling vibe, the Cinema Wristies has a sound similar to Money for Rope, they young blokes with great original set- some unusual song subject matter – they are not hard and fast but pump along with a great groove and clean catchy sound.

Mylee and the Milkshakes

Another four piece with great  harmonies – this band has Ozzie Wrong from the Goons on Bass, with his lovely wife, Mylee on guitar and vocals, with another guitarist and a drummer. The songs are written by Ozzie and Mylee. The crew dancing with a few catchy beats and Mylees country & western, sixties siren inspired style voice and the style transferred over a few genres- upbeat flamingo, to polka beat, it was sugar-pop-candy-floss with a country bounce- reminiscent of the Go Betweens at times. They started well but tempo was not what the Goons audience were looking for, they were getting a little lactose intolerant. Great listening band, I dig them.
The Goons of Doom
Holy Cow Batman!!! Straight from milkshakes to rock n bourbon and beer with a shot of tequila thrown in! The Goons simply rock. They were calling for a crowd surfer from the first song and they got it, Ozzie Wrong pumping the bass and swapping occasionly with Vaughan Dead on the guitar, Killerwhale pumped a freight train of beats, and the Cutthroat Cowboy wailed the guitar riffs and feedback.

No songlist… at all… The youngsters did not even know or care when they rocked out Velvet Undergrounds classic Rock n Roll, and I saw more than one song just made up from scratch on the spot. The crowd was catatonic and being whipped into a frenzy by the Goons. If you weren’t sweating, you were not in the room. It was hilarious and it seemed like the Goons were the ones who got the joke.

Fast, very loud, beer and sweat soaked bloody good time. And to top it off a couple of mates of the band, (a gorgeous blonde girl on drums and vocals, and bearded Goon Fan on guitar) got up on stage and played an encore of I Wanna Be Your Dog, with the Cutthroat Cowboy on bass for the band. A great gig, anarchy at the Shark Bar….

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