This is the record you need stashed in your glove box for those ‘could anything else possibly go wrong’ days. When you’ve just found out you didn’t get that promotion and the world tops your day off with a parking fine wedged tightly underneath your wipers. Lucky for you, GOVS’ debut EP leaves no space for anger or bitterness. Listening to this record is like taking a few well deserved vodka shots; you’ll leave feeling calmer, content and, in the words of Fat Boy Slim, you’ll have ‘vague recollections and a general feeling of happiness.’

The record is produced extremely well, each song tying in with one another sonically, making for a really smooth listening experience, while the raw and emotional song-writing allows for each individual song to stand out on its own merit. There are no fillers on this record, however Merseybeat and I Have Never Seen A Ghost are particular stand outs, using ambient harmonies and melodies to create catchy choruses that get stuck in your head for hours. The lo-fi, dream pop tunes found on GOVS’ debut EP are soothing and uplifting, their sound is definitely unique, but I think it’s one Australia has been looking for for a long time.

Be sure to check out GOVS – EP, available now on iTunes.

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