Graphic Icon: helping kids find their inner artist

Rebecca Thew, the creative behind Graphic Icon, offers art classes on the Gold Coast where children are given the space and encouragement to explore their imagination and creativity.  We had a chat to Rebecca to learn more about Graphic Icon for Children and what she offers.

Where did the idea for Graphic Icon come from?

Since I was a teenager, I have had this idea.  I was taking art classes myself and I wanted to offer children the same or even better experience that I had. When I looked at what was available for kids these days nothing really stood out to me, so the business was born.

Why do you think art is so important for children?

I believe art is important for everyone – especially children.  Benefits include the development of fine motor skills through holding pencils or a brush, brain growth and exercise. Art offers creative thinking skills; expression and it builds confidence.  It can be hard being a child in a very adult world and some children are lost.  Art can help them find a way through it.  I am here to show them that no matter their age or skill level or learning capacity there is an artist within them.  Art is expression, there is no wrong.

I have watched children, including those whom have been diagnosed as being on the spectrum, grow from being shy and quiet to taking chances, facing challenges with ease and thriving.

Your students got to create a mural at Sea world. Tell us about that?

In 2019 my little artists had the opportunity to design and create a very large mural at Sea World to display indefinitely. The children were given a guideline yet also had free creativity on the message behind their artwork.  The idea behind this piece was to raise awareness of our marine life and the dangers it faces and also for the children to express ‘that even though ‘we are little, we are the future for these creatures, and we have a voice.’

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