Greasy Belcher channels the Gods of Rock and Roll

Greasy Belcher is prolific Gold Coast rock musician whose influences include popular rock n’ roll and soul artists, intermingled with conspiracy theories about the music industry. All this is reflected in his music and supporting music videos, especially his new single ‘Gods of Rock and Roll’. We too the opportunity to talk with Greasy about the creative process behind his new song and music video, as well as a bit about himself and his work. 

How would you describe your music and style to a new listener?

I’m what you might call an outsider artist, I don’t stick to any kind of musical style or formula. My debut album “Greasy Belcher – F**kin’ A Sides” is available on streaming services, there’s 15 tracks ranging from Rap Rock to Folk, Pop, Metal, Acoustic, through to Disco & Dub style reggae. I’ve also been vocalist in a few bands, the last of which was Stone Rising which sounded like a hybrid of Beasts of Bourbon / Rose Tattoo.

What inspired or prompted you to write ‘Gods of Rock and Roll’?

I’ve put together a small recording set up at home. For the last few years, I have been teaching myself video editing and music production. Basically, I just stumbled upon a really cool guitar sound, jammed out the chords ADCD and the music was born in seconds. I then just plugged in an SM57 (An instrument mic I like to use for loud vocals) and the words just came off the top of my head in one take.

What was the filming and editing process for the music video like?

I was in Vietnam on a motorcycle trip when Covid-19 kicked off, so I had to boost out of there and go into quarantine for two weeks. I decided to devote that time to making the video, which began with me jumping around the living room in front of a green screen wearing 20 or so different band shirts. As I got deeper into the editing process, I kept researching YouTube tutorial videos to gather more techniques in order to make the whole thing pump. By the time I looked up from the computer almost four months had passed.

What messages are behind ‘Gods of Rock and Roll’?

I spent 10 years writing conspiracy articles for an underground Australia punk magazine named ‘Unbelievably Bad’. The fact that the World Military Olympics were held in Wuhan in October 2019 is greatly suspicious to me. I like many others, am concerned this virus is going to use as an excuse to further grind society into an Orwellian dystopia. When I sing “Don’t let them Steal your Soul from the Gods of Rock & Roll” I’m asking my fellow artists to consider which of two roads they wish to go by. Do you want a walk on part in a war, or a lead role in a cage? In other words, sometimes you have to stop and ask yourself: What would Keith Richards would do?

Are there any new projects in the making that we should be keeping an eye out for?

Definitely. I am slowly working my way through hundreds of songs I have recorded (over 20 years) in different styles, making videos for my Greasy Belcher YouTube channel. As for my current music, I am currently collaborating with Lamar Lowder on a project called Wolves of Exile. We will record about 30 tracks and then pick the best 12 for the album, which may take another 12 months to finish. I’m always working on multiple projects and looking to connect with local artists here on the Southern Gold Coast. Ideally, I would like to be vocalist for a new band. I’ll be really happy if anyone reads this and then hits me up on Instagram after checking out the music videos.

You can find more info on Greasy Belcher and his music on his website here. Check out ‘Gods of Rock n Roll’ below.

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