Green Room Project

Community arts organisation, Expressive Ground has expanded its Green Room program to include a practical series of workshops targeted squarely at artists and musicians navigating the music industry.  

Held through August and September, the four-part series focuses on releasing music, booking gigs, touring, event management, music business and music management.

Music Industry Inside Out, an online music hub & community is collaborating on the series. Music Industry Inside Out helps people build sustainable careers in music by assisting them with contemporary skills to achieve their full potential.

Boutique management and mentoring agency, WHO Agencies and accounting and business advisory service, Account Me In are also conducting a workshop. Collectively, WHO and Account Me In work with artists such as Ella Fence, Aquila Young and The Ruiins.

Josie Cooper, who runs Account Me In and is also one of the volunteers behind Expressive Grounds said those who take part in the series will get to learn and network with the best. But that’s not all.

“They will have the opportunity to work together and use Expressive Ground as a venue to put on and manage their own music event,” Josie said.

The Green Room Experience is now in its fourth year.  The program has run an annual battle of the bands competition aimed at high school students and recently  facilitated a song writing workshop with the ever-talented Dan Hannaford.

“The talent we have seen so far from artists that have taken part has been amazing,” Josie said.

“We saw a real need to further expand the program by helping to educate and mentor artists and also those that wanted to work with them.”

“We tried to develop this series so that it would be beneficial to all those trying to navigate the music industry and to give them the skills and resources to put on their own show here at Expressive Ground at the completion of the program,” Josie said.

The four-part series runs 10.00am – 12.30pm on Saturday mornings from 20 August – 10 September and costs $25. Expressive Grounds is located at Tallebudgera. Registration is essential. Contact or phone Josie on 0404 424 921.

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20 August: releasing your music with Eddie Jacobson

27 August: Booking gigs and touring

3 September: event management and planning

10 September: music management and business




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