Broadbeach Country Festival changes name, announces dates

Broadbeach Country Music Festival is Australia’s fastest growing country music festival and today it announced a major change.

2018 will be the event’s sixth year, but it won’t be known as Broadbeach Country Music Festival anymore. Organisers have re-named the event Groundwater Country Music Festival.

Attendance numbers for the City’s country music extravaganza increased 77% this year with more than 50,000 attending. Not only does this reinforce the event’s popularity amongst local and visiting audiences, but also the growing appeal of contemporary country music across the country.

And even more exciting for Blank readers is the notion that while Groundwater Country Music Festival will “stay true to its country roots”, it will also follow current music trends which blur the lines between musical genres.

Broadbeach Alliance runs the event which will take place 27 – 29 July 2018 and the organisation’s CEO Jan McCormick says they’ve been blown away by the growth of the festival.

“In just five short years it has become one of the biggest music festivals of its genre in Australia,” she said.  “We understand how pivotal artist programming is to keep surprising and delighting our loyal attendees whilst opening the door for first timers.”

She says the organisation has been watching the country genre closely on a global landscape and “felt now is the right time to introduce a new brand.”

The name change is not without its critics, but a statement from Broadbeach Alliance says ‘Groundwater’ is reflective of Australia’s unique culture and is a common denominator in bringing people together, reflecting the innate culture of Australians who use rivers, lakes, streams and oceans as part of life.

Groundwater Country Music Festival will take place through the streets, malls and venues of Broadbeach from 27 – 29 July, 2018.

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