Guitar Wolf + The Wrath + Australian Kingswood Factory + Strawberry Fistcake: Live review | Mo’s Desert Club House | Friday 8 December 2017

Mo’s Desert Club House is a cool new venue at West Burleigh in the industrial estate off Bermuda Street. Built in a tilt panel factory, it’slike going to watch your mates jam at a factory party that seres. It’s a good set up – easy to see with elevated sections for short arses – and has a well decorated interior, as well as a relaxed vibe. The venue even has a resident dog who loves the attention from the punters, and has no problems with the loud music. Is the dog deaf? It was certainly loud at Mo’s.

It’s great to see that Mo’s Desert Clubhouse  is already pulling nationally known and international bands to the venue. Take note: When you go check out acts at this venue, it starts early. I got there at 8.00pm and unfortunately missed the first band Strawberry Fistcake, and the night was wrapped up by 11.00pm.

The second band, Melbourne four-piece Australia’s Kingswood Factory, are punk, raw, rambunctious, and in your face. Like a good 1970’s Holden Kingswood they only know two ways to drive, flat out and stop, and drive they did.  Flat out rock and roll played fast, hard, and well. The Australian Kingswood Factory  left nothing in the tank.

The Wrath were on next, and even though they have been around since 2003, this is the first time I have seen them. A bummer because this locally bred shock, horror, rocking, gothic outfit would fit great in a nightclub scene from a vampire movie. They have style, class, and a great sound. The lead singer Tommy Creeper has a dark, rockabilly crooning style, and moves well and demands attention. The whole look fits, and their sound and performance backs it up. They also had a 1900’s bondage-type movie as a backdrop. (Another great feature Mo’s uses for the bands is the ability to have a video backdrop against the 20 foots tilt panel concrete wall.)

Then there was Guitar Wolf. From my listening on Spotify, I was not expecting anything but raw hard punk from this Japanese three-piece. But it was more like a comedy stage show with noise.

They came on stage in T-Rex masks (The Dinosaur, not Marc Bolan) and then proceeded to do some sort of a mime show. But when they started actually playing, they were truly terrible. However they were punk personified as in the whole “We don’t give a shit what you think, and we are going to do what we want.” Yeah, they have that down. At times they showed some musical ability and tightness; you would hope so with 30 years as a band under their belts. Some of the audience were loving it, dancing and going off. But if you were looking for something that sounded good, Guitar Wolf was not it.

But 100% go check out Mo’s Desert Clubhouse. A great new local venue for live music, and we need more places like this.

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    Hi good peoples at Black GC, thanks for taking the time to review some dirty punk rock in our hood – sure it’s not every ones pint of lager but for those kids adorning studs and obscure patches it’s nice for them to see there is something akin not far away..

    Please don’t take offense to my comments here – I’m just adding some facts for people who care and a bit of my perspective of what happened at this show.

    I’m not sure if Terry was aware that AKF played first around 6:30pm – These Melbourne lads are like AC/DC on speed, unrelenting open chord over-driven rock ‘n’ roll. The fact that Lindsey had to turn his pre 800 Marshal amplifier backwards to the back wall (turned up to 11?) says enough.. Big props to the sound guy Christian btw for making loud sound great \w/

    Strawberry Fistcake also from Melbourne play to offend as much as the main stream as they can – Mik and Kasey (Knoodle Promotions and Punk-a-Billy Touring) who organised the Guitar Wolf tour in conjunction with their ‘Never Mind The Warp’d Tour Festival’ which they started back in 2013 as an F.U. to a local promoter not supporting local bands. This years festival culmiated at The Globe Theatre in Brisbane the following day with 30 of the best Australian punk acts side by side swigging and cheering.

    So I think Terry must have walked in just in time to see Topnovil, arguably Australia’s top street punk style band (think Rancid if they grew up in Wollongong). DeeDee has been doing Topnovil for over 20 years! And is still pumping out some of the most catchy yell-along melodies (yellodies) with angst and gritty passion like no other, and taking it on the road to all corners of the globe. Check out their killer song ‘Lone Wolf’, it’ll be stuck in your head for days if your not careful.

    I’m happy that Terry finally made it to a Wrath show and for the kind words. It can sometimes be a hard slog to get interest in our scene on the GC. If anyone knows of any vampire movie nightclub scenes being shot for film – hit us up, we don’t bite hard 😉

    If anyone knows anything about Japanese culture, it is that they don’t do anything half-arsed. This being Guitar Wolf’s 6th or 7th time to Australia and their 30th year anniversary, they knew exactly what they were doing. They call it ‘Jet Rock ‘n’ Roll’, I call it garage noise punk, and to those conservatorium type with concert pitch trained ears I can understand how the Guitar Wolf sound would make them cringe, inducing extra excretion of ear wax as a natural self defense mechanism to the inevitable post show ‘wtf did I just witness’ tinnitus.

    Just like Guitar Wolf’s latest album ‘T-Rex From A Tiny Space Yojouhan’, the live show is as wild and crazy as it gets. The 10 minute pre-show silent dinosaur mime was thanks to a audio fault in their intro music, what can you do? they just rolled with it.. Did you know they perform straight? – a testament to their dedication to their constitution. Remember that punk is not a sound, it is an ethos.

    Sure the discordance and feedback made Guitar Wolf’s music somewhat indistinguishable from an antenna-less AM radio broadcast of jackhammers ripping through reinforced concrete, in a way it was so bad it was good. As a bit of a Japanophile myself and knowing that this sound is all planned and part of the parcel, I have to say this is one of the punkest things I’ve seen in a long long time. Did you see U.G. Bass Wolf jump about 4 meters off the PA? :O .. Also props to Aya for flying solo from Tokyo just for them with no host, next to no English language skills and dancing all the ways along side us sweaty punks in the front row!

    I too highly recommend supporting Mo’s Desert Clubhouse, absolutely lovely staff and super fun casual atmosphere. Plus they give a slice of everything they earn to local charities. We gave our share on the night to Lifeboat Community Services – raising money to feed the GC homeless every Saturday night in Burleigh.

    Love & Light (yes even in the punk scene),
    The Dinj.

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