Guy Sebastian: Live gallery | The STAR | Saturday 21 September 2019

Perfectly warmed up by the incredibly talented singing, dancing, producing powerhouse Vince Hardy – who incidentally is a backup singer in Sebastian’s band – the full house eagerly awaited for the main man to appear.  Guy Sebastian arose on-stage through a haze of smoke on top of a purpose-built performance podium. Looking his usual cool self in trademark hip threads he opened the show with his hit track ‘Bloodstone’ from his 2017 album ‘Conscious’. He is clearly passionate about music and people, the audience was given a hot lead they were going to be “riding with him” tonight on the Gold Coast.

‘Like it like that’ and ‘Like a Drum’ got us all moving about in our velvet chairs itching to get up and dance before Guy slowed it down a little with a dreamy dark backdrop to his collaboration with Lupe Fiasco on the track ‘Linger’ – what a song!  Amazing vocals and big praise to his three incredibly talented backup singers, Carmen, Gary and Vince. Cue the introduction of the white piano as it is rolled out effortlessly on stage. With Guy asking the question – why can’t we all just get along from the hit track ‘Get Along’ off the 2012 album ‘Armageddon’. We were memorised by the backdrop of striking images of human beings happily trying to go about life amidst the sadness of the worlds conflict zones, a further reminder of his desire to make the world a better place through music.

Promising to play one or two new songs we were treated to his new single ‘Let me drink’ which had a New Orleans Mardi Gras tempo about it giving centre stage to Sebastian’s deep vocal roots and love of soul melodies.  Clearly he is also inspired by the love of his wife Jules as he dedicated to her another new song ‘Believer’, reminding her that she is more than enough for this Guy and the reason he continues to believe in himself.

The band disappeared off stage in another mist of smoke as we were treated to an exquisite A cappella version of ‘Bring yourself’. Guy was unapologetic about the number of ballads in tonight’s performance. Highlights such as his jaw-dropping vocals on ‘Battle Scars’ and ‘Set in Stone’, and a stripped-back piano solo of Elton Johns ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ aroused admiration from the audience. The Beatles and Julian Lennon Salt Water inspired ‘Closer to the Sun’ another highlight.

He wasn’t about to leave the audience sitting down. In true showmanship fashion, Sebastian donned a khaki jumpsuit and flashy orange trainers to kick start a ‘get out of your velvet chairs and dance session’. ‘Don’t worry be Happy’ ‘Who’s that Girl’ and ‘Gold’ had us stomping our feet with Guy and his backups inspiring our moves through amazing choreography and funky dance moves wishing we could all be as cool on the dance floor as them.

The night was capped off with an encore performance of his most recent single ‘Choir’ with each and every member of the band joining Guy upfront to unite as one powerful and heavenly sound.

Guy Sebastian and his band give 100% energy every time, get along to feel the love and have some fun on his Ridin’ With You tour.


Images (C) Simone Gorman-Clark

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