Hang 5 with Rabbit Radio’s Sly Steve


Who’s your favourite GC artist / band? 

Right now it’s really exciting, there’s so much talent around. I’m really diggin’ Drag Mondays, their debut ep ‘Bullet for the General’ is killer. Also been listening to Calan Mai a whole bunch and I just got turned onto a new producer KlubKnight.


What do you think is the best thing about living on the GC

We’re surrounded by such natural beauty which is pretty special. There’s also a lot of passionate people doing some amazing things right now in a whole bunch of different creative areas. It’s exciting to play a small part in that and to give back to the community.


The most under-rated musician right now?

Ngaiire comes to mind, her debut Lamentations is amazing and her live set as part of Rabbit Radio presents was incredible. Why she isn’t huge right now boggles my mind. Also Darwin duo Sietta’s new record is incredible and deserves your attention.

What brought you to Rabbit Radio)?

Well music is more than a passion of mine, obsession is a more accurate description. So out of uni I was volunteering with Jazz Radio for about 2 years. Then a friend told me about Rabbit Radio which was about to launch and I loved the idea of a local, community radio station which could reach a world wide audience digitally.  I’ve been here ever since doing my show and this year I stepped up as Music Director with another talented cat Jake Wilton. We’re very proud of the content we have right now with a bunch of passionate/obsessed volunteers, it’s a privilege to be involved.

If you could give one piece of advice to a large group of people, what would it be?

In a broader sense there are so many important issues happening right now that deserve our attention. We need to look beyond short term financial gains and focus on building a sustainable, humane future.  That will happen as we back in touch with our communities and build respectful, supportive relationships.

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