Hangin’ 5 with Claire Cottone AKA CC The Cat

Your sisters Julia Rose and Louise Cottone are also musicians – what role did music play in the family home?

I grew up in a really musical family where we all played music and sang together from a young age. Family car trips were musical adventures in 5-part harmony. My mum is an amazing musician and gave us all the gift of music. My dad is also a poet, playwright and novelist so we were basically bred to be artists.


What’s the best thing about living and working on the GC? 

The incredible beauty of the environment, the ocean, Burleigh Headland and Tallebudgera Creek, Currumbin Alley and the entire hinterland. It’s is a nature-lover’s wonderland, and for me has been such a nurturing environment to recharge in and live a super healthy lifestyle. I also love the unpretentious down-to-earth vibe of Gold Coast peeps.


What’s the best thing about being a woman in the world of performing and live music? 

It’s gotta be having breasts and wearing sparkly make-up. I also love being part of the sisterhood, whilst also sharing the love with and feeling amazing support from my musical brothers. Sometimes I think it’s harder being a woman in a male-dominated industry. But I try to run things in a feminine way and that seems to work best. I have an amazing band of men and women behind me which makes my job heaps more awesome! I heart my band!


What’s one piece of advice you’d give your future 60 year old self? 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the millions.


What’s the songwriting process like for you?

It’s pretty organic, I write mostly when I’m inspired. It takes a lot of free mental space to allow a song to come through in its pure form. The best songs come out more effortlessly, although its still important to trust during the process that they are worthy, and that’s where the work is, applying myself to the task of listening to what’s being given to me and committing to working it through to the end. Then sometimes it takes a few months of workshopping with the band and test-running at shows for a song to show its true depth and colour.


Photo thanks to Lamp Photography.

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