Hangin’ 5 with GC punksters Double Lined Minority

… with Eddie Salazar from local punksters, Double Lined Minority.


You’re about to embark on your first complete all ages tour. I have to ask, what is the most outrageous thing a ‘fan girl’ has done?

We don’t really use the term ‘fans’. Our supporters are our friends and we enjoy getting to know them. But, (laughs), there is a girl from Perth who messages us often telling us that she misses us and begging us to come back to Perth, but, well, we’ve never actually been there before. We’re good friends with her now though and one day we’ll get over there to meet her.


Any DLM antics planned for the tour?

We have a dare bag. Everyday someone from the band is going to pick a dare out from the hat and they have to do it. We will film the whole thing.


What’s different about this forthcoming EP in comparison to your first?

This time round, I really thought what I was writing songs about. I spent days analysing my lyrics to make sure that in 5 or 10 years time, I’ll still be really proud of these songs.


You can definitely hear that in White Flag. What’s it about?

White Flag is about the typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines. It hit the Philippine’s right after we toured there so it was really personal for the band. I imagined myself in that situation and realised how you would just have to accept death or defeat.


You seem to have scrubbed up your physical image recently. How did this smart business look come about?

A lot of people seem to think we have changed our style over the last few years, however, I think that we have just found our image. Our style reflects how we have matured; we really mean business with our music now.


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Double Lined Minority are amongst a bunch of local bands joining Bob Evans at Pig Day Out 2014. It’s a private festival being held on five acres in the Piggabeen Valley on 23 August. Details at pigdayout.net.

They play this Friday night, 18 July at Griffith University GC (all ages) alongside Scarlet Kill and Lane Harry x Ike Campbell.

Their new single White Flag is out now.

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