Hangin’ Five with Benny D Williams

Seriously, who doesn’t know Benny D Williams? This awesome GC musician is always playing soon, at a GC venue near you, we promise. Natalie O’Driscoll hung five with the wonderful weirdo for Blank GC.

Give us a wrap up of your 2016 in five words only.

Floating on a musical cloud (that’s five words on the DOT)

Tell us how you’re planning to mix things up in 2017.

2017 is looking like another interesting year on the planet. I’ve already completed an east coast tour during January which was the best one yet! Sooooo fun. Musically, I’m writing and recording heaps of new stuff with new instruments and new feels which helps keep me flowing. On top of that, I’ve been chasing some decent festival spots and of course, more shows at my fave local venues. The big picture for me is to share the music I make with as many people as possible.

Music is amazing… People gotta share it.

I’m also spending more time in the studio this year but producing and mixing stuff for a bunch of other acts which I’m really enjoying.

We hear a rumour about new music! Tell us it’s true, and what can fans expect?

New music?? Me?? YES. Affirmative. This is correct. 😀 I’m releasing a new single each month this year culminating with an elaborate album-scape concept thing at the end of the year with all the previously released singles on it and a few new ones as well. In January I released Blue which is available in all the regular spots on the interwebz. February I’ve released Free Falling.

Both of these songs are from completely different genres. Blue is a weirdo, psych-drenched, trip-hop number and Free Falling is pretty much a straight up, stomping 12 string blues song. But hey, ya know, variety is the spice of life. I like a heap of different styles of music so I make different styles of music…. based on the heart in the moment, I feel confined and rigid within a specific genre. Well, mostly. I feel like most people are musically evolved enough now to appreciate many different styles of music relative to the moment they’re listening. For example, Van Halen for skydiving….and maybe Mozart for gardening…. and of course, there’s nothing like a bit of Aretha Franklin when you’re spending a quiet Sunday building meat helmets out of smallgoods for the children and their friends. Or maybe that’s just me?

March I’m releasing a song called Way To Burn which is a laid-back acoustic groover that I wrote about summertime chilling in the Palmy hood. It makes you want to sit in a rockpool on a hot day with friends and sip a long cool drink as the world goes by.

Take five Gold Coast musos / bands on a road trip. Who are they?

Five musos on a road trip??? Well, Number 1 would be Jon Whitten as he is my regular east coast tour buddy. Great voice, killer originals, knows a billion covers which is good for late night campfire jams til the sun comes up.

Dave Pascoe. Amazing drummer and top bloke. We could talk Hendrix til the cows come home.

Craig Johnston. Bass player, all-round musician, great dude. We could talk Zeppelin til the Grass grows tall.

Mattie Barker. Amazing muso and an ultra chill laid-back mate. We could eat Mexican til we all turn into tacos.

Brennan Smith. Known that guy for many years. Heart of gold. Although he’s not GC currently so I’ll sub Brennan out for Dave Murray. Coz Dave is Dave. Wise and always carrying a fresh perspective. We can babble about just about anything until the beers run dry.

Your Bleach* performances. Where, when, how?

BLEACH FESTIVAL!! Man, I’m so stoked to be part of Bleach* this year… I’ll be playing at the Burleigh Heads stage on Sunday 16 March in the arvo. It’s a whole day of music down there so grab a blanket, some supplies and share the grass and shade with your neighbours. Oh! And when the day is over, don’t forget to take your rubbish with you! Luv ya GC. xo

Catch Benny at Bleach* Festival Burleigh Heads on 16 March

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