Hangin’ five with Cafeine

Montreal songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Cafeïne will tour Australia for the first time, including a wicked one-off performance at Currumbin Creek Tavern on 5 July with The Strums. His latest opus New Love launched in April, was recorded and mixed in Montreal and New York by Gus Van Go (The Stills, Priestess).  His high-energy sound rocks between Brit punk and new wave, tinged with pop. The songs are raw and electric and the album is a dance bomb of ten tracks. Cafeïne leads into dynamic melodies where rhythms hit hard and keep your body pumping. New Love delivers a piercing  account of heartbreak, love, forgiveness and unexpected joy. We caught up with the lad for a five minute chat.
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Beign a Canadian-based band, what led you to tour Australia?
We were playing at the Osheaga Festival in Montreal (which is s bit like Splendour on the grass) and Asho, an Australian Promoter saw us and invited us to tour Australia . I guess he liked our energy and he thought we were good.

How did you hook up with Brissie band The Strums for the Australian tour?
Asho (our booker) hooked us up with the Strums. It’s quite amazing that we will tour with a Aussie local act. I’ve heard their music and it’s really great, we’re making a rad duo together!   I can’t wait to see them live!

How do you think the Australian audience will respond to your first appearance here?
I have no idea how the australian crowd will react , but we are ready to play and all super excited about our first Australian tour. Live performance – it’s what we like the most and what we are good for, we’ll give everything we have !

What is the most exciting thing for you about this tour?
Touring alone is exciting , but playing at the other end of the world is something that only a few of us will experience , so we feel lucky and thankful for being under this lucky star! ….

How would you describe your latest album New Love compared to your previous album Gisèle, released in 2006?
My lastest album is always my favorite . My next album will be my fave and so on. I like all my albums for different reasons but with time , some of the songs die along the way. New love is the only album we will play in Australia.

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Catch Cafeine with The Strums at Currumbin Creek Tavern this Saturday 5 July

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